Meet the University of Redlands’ Mascot-in-Training: A 4-Month-Old Bulldog

A 4-month-old bulldog named Adelaide is training to become the University of Redlands’ next mascot.

The puppy was chosen to be the university’s first female mascot after a monthslong search, said Julie Wright, a spokeswoman for the University of Redlands.

“We needed a friendly, confident bulldog puppy who was in good health, comfortable with people, and good with other dogs,” said Mary Littlejohn, the dog’s handler and assistant director in alumni and community relations at the university. The “right dog” was raised by a San Bernardino family with children.

The dog’s name, “Adelaide,” was chosen with a vote. She now shares the name of the wife of the first President of the University of Redlands, who is “considered the university’s founding first lady,” Wright said.

This summer, Addie spent time getting used to people and campus life, and shadowed current mascot Thurber “on some official duties,” the university noted. She will start working with a professional trainer in the fall, and will take over the role when Thurber becomes “mascot emeritus” at the end of the school year.

Take a look at photos from the first few months of Adelaide’s life: