Miguel Cabrera played with a fan’s beard and continues to have fun on the field

During Wednesday night’s game against the Seattle Marinersa game that had plenty of controversy — Tigers superstar Miguel Cabrera made an attempt to play a foul ball hit toward the stands down the first base line. The ball went beyond his reach, another routine foul ball, right? But Miggy made the most of it, playing with a fan’s beard he came across. 

Check it out:

This isn’t the first time Cabrera has been caught on camera goofing around a bit. Let’s take a look at some other notable examples from recent years, starting with the time he stole the Phillie Phanatic’s ATV keys:

Or how’s about the time he ended up hugging a fan while chasing a different foul ball?

Keeping with the fan interaction theme, here’s Cabrera having some fun with an excited youngster:

And here’s Cabrera having some fun with a slightly older, more famous Cleveland resident: 

Finally, here’s Cabrera putting a rubber duck on his head for reasons unknown.

To think, we didn’t even touch on the times Cabrera has given a thumps up to the opposing pitcher. (Plural for a reason.)

So, yes. Cabrera might not be at Adrian Beltre‘s level yet, but he’s getting there. At minimum, he’s in the top three or four when it comes to players who look like they legitimately love playing baseball — and who consistently find ways to demonstrate that.

Now, it is important to note that Miguel Cabrera has a complicated legacy. He’s undoubtedly one of the best hitters of his generation, and in all likelihood a future Hall of Famer. He has also had to overcome off-the-field issues with alcoholism by seeking and receiving treatment and was involved in a domestic incident for which he faced no charges in 2009. All of these things are part of his history along with the great on-field performance and his lovable antics, which has justifiably complicated embracing him as an individual for many.

Nonetheless, Cabrera sure seems to have a lot of fun playing baseball.

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