Mike Krzyzewski Says College Basketball Model Needs to Change After FBI Probe

Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski speaks to reporters during the Blue Devils NCAA college basketball media day, Tuesday, Oct. 3, 2017, in Durham, N.C. (AP Photo/Gerry Broome)

Gerry Broome/Associated Press

Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski said Tuesday he’s in favor of changes to the college basketball model in light of an FBI investigation that led to the arrest of 10 individuals related to the sport, including four assistant coaches. 

“The landscape of college basketball for the player, from middle school to high school to college to the pros, keeps changing,” Krzyzewski told reporters. “We in college have not changed as much as the landscape has changed. We are not equipped right now to handle that. We don’t have a good model, a model that fits what’s happening in basketball, so college basketball’s going to have problems. Before these kids ever come to us, we are not the only ones recruiting these youngsters. Talent is being recruited all the time in every shape and form.”

Krzyzewski said he remains in favor of players having the ability to enter the NBA out of high school, which is currently prohibited by the league’s collective bargaining agreement. Duke has taken to recruiting one-and-done players in recent years, something Krzyzewski bristled at early after the rule was implemented.

The FBI is leading an ongoing investigation into college basketball corruption, which has already led to the indefinite leave of Louisville coach Rick Pitino and multiple arrests. Most of the investigation centered on coaches taking kickbacks for leading players to an agent or financial advisor and the backchannel payment of recruits.

Two Adidas employees were also arrested, and records from Nike’s grassroots program were subpoenaed.

Krzyzewski did not offer a solution to how he would solve college basketball’s issues, but he said he hopes people with ideas convene and make the game better.

“Nobody has the solution, but a bunch of people have the ideas,” Krzyzewski said. “How do we figure that all out, and who figures it out? There is no who, there is a group called the who but they don’t figure out this particular thing. … We are not running this the way a billion-dollar industry should be run. We try and put a circle into a square, that’s what men’s college basketball is. It’s not a bad circle, it’s a great one, but it can’t be done like a square.”