MO Gov. Greitens urges new University of Missouri Chancellor to

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On Wednesday, President Mun Choi of the University of Missouri System announced the hiring of Dr. Alexander N. Cartwright as the next chancellor of the University of Missouri, Columbia.

Dr. Cartwright is expected to start as chancellor later this summer.

He is currently the provost and executive vice chancellor of the State University of New York.

Missouri Governor Eric Greitens released the following statement as a response:

“Missouri needs Mizzou and our universities to succeed. For that to happen, strong leaders will have to make hard decisions. 

The University of Missouri has lacked strong leadership for far too long. That leadership vacuum has created a crisis. Since the Fall of 2015, the University of Missouri-Columbia freshman class has shrunk by over one-third.  This is the worst enrollment performance of any flagship university in the country. That cannot continue.

I look forward to working with the new leadership team of President Choi and Dr. Cartwright.  They will lead the University of Missouri System and its flagship campus at this time of tremendous change, challenge, and opportunity. 

These new leaders must move quickly to address the serious and immediate challenges our universities face. They are stewards of the people’s trust and the people’s money. We need a new, bold approach for our flagship university and the entire UM System that creates excellence and puts the needs of Missouri citizens first.  Higher education should be affordable.  Families should not be saddled with crushing debt. Instead of adding layers of administrators, we need to focus on value. Prioritize teaching and research that get results. Invest in our priorities, not in pet projects or privileges. Take advantage of the great potential of our students, and seize opportunities for excellence. 

The people of Missouri are counting on these new leaders to rebuild public trust in the University of Missouri through common-sense decision-making, clear communication, and courageous leadership. The people will be watching closely.” 

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