New Four-Story Dorm To Open At Ferris State University

For the first time in 49 years, Ferris State University students can look forward to moving their things into some brand new digs.

FSU students will move into North Hall Friday.

Before they do, Northern Michigan’s News Leader got an inside look at the new $28 million facility.

The dorm is 4 stories tall and can hold 402 beds.

North Hall is designed to serve as a center of living and learning for first-year students.

Administrators say this new hall will help students feel closer to campus, with its proximity to the university library and other buildings.             

“It really gives them a good jump-start,” says FSU Director of Housing, Brian Marquardt. “With15 study rooms, three classrooms here we’re really focusing on academics and their success here at the University. “It’s all about retention and success for the students.”

The last dorm built on FSU’s campus was Cramer Hall back in 1968.