New Writer Brought On To Rewrite Colin Trevorrow’s ‘Episode IX’ Script

Do you sense that, is there is a disturbance coming in the Force? While we are still months away from Disney once again ruling the box office with its Star Wars franchise, “new hope” is high for Rian Johnson’s upcoming Star Wars: The Last Jedi. The lives of Skywalkers and Sith are a little hazy beyond Episode VIII, but that hasn’t stopped fans of the space opera looking ahead to the future.

We already know that Jurassic World‘s Colin Trevorrow will take to the helm of the Millennium Falcon for 2019’s Episode IX, but there are now worrying reports that all is not well for our Jedi chums and furry friends of the Lucasverse, because #EpisodeIX‘s script is already undergoing a rewrite.

Been In The (Star) Wars

According to The Hollywood Reporter, there has been a little reshuffle of the Galactic Empire and English screenwriter Jack Thorne has been brought on to polish the script for Episode IX. Trevorrow and writing partner Derek Connolly had recently submitted a draft based off Rian Johnson’s treatment for Episode IX, but it now looks like Thorne will be joining the writing team. We still don’t know how extensive this rewrite will be, but does this really mean trouble for Lucasfilm?

With concerns over Trevorrow’s role as the right man for the job — especially since his film The Book of Henry bombed — Lucasfilm is presumably making sure that all their ducks are in a row before we enter a Sarlacc Pit of despair and delays. Given that Trevorrow’s plate is currently rather full thanks to Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, we probably shouldn’t worry too much, and it sounds like he could do with all the help he can get right now.

What we need to remember is that Episode IX is still years away, and that even last-minute rewrites shouldn’t be anything to worry about. #StarWars has a troubled history with rejigging its movies, while only in recent years we have seen the likes of The Force Awakens and Rogue One undergo much bigger changes at a much later stage. Even #TheLastJedi was forced to redress its storyline after the tragic passing of Carrie Fisher, which has also had a massive knock-on effect for Episode IX.

The ‘Write’ Way To Go

Trevorrow has been loosely working on his concluding chapter of the “new” Star Wars trilogy since he was hired back in 2015, but sometimes it takes a fresh pair of eyes to give you an objective look at your own vision. That being said, those Lucasfilm Sith lords were reportedly already happy with Trevorrow’s first draft and are still aiming to start the cameras rolling in January of next year.

Thorne certainly has the resumé to help as a script doctor for Disney. With previous work on the likes of Skins, This Is England, and The Fades, as well as three BAFTA awards under his belt, what harm can a little tinkering do? Also, given that Episode IX will presumably be the last chapter in the Skywalker saga of Star Wars, you can’t blame everyone involved for wanting to get it right. For those who are still casting a shadow over Episode IX, just think, it could always be worse, you could be part of Han Solo!

Are you worried by the Star wars rewrites?

(Source: The Hollywood Reporter)

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