Ohio State football moves up in College Football Playoff rankings

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Ohio State moved up to No. 8 in the latest version of the College Football Playoff rankings on Tuesday night, one spot ahead of its No. 9 ranking from last week.

While that might seem like a lot of ground needed to gain with less than a week until the final rankings, it’s possible that a win against Wisconsin in the Big Ten title game could vault the Buckeyes into a playoff berth.

Though Ohio State certainly wouldn’t turn down help from TCU in the form of an Oklahoma loss, a win against Wisconsin would likely at least put the Buckeyes in a battle with Alabama for the No. 4 seed.

A couple teams ahead of them are guaranteed to lose, making those teams likely to fall below Ohio State if the Buckeyes win — which is the only scenario in which this matters. If Ohio State were to win, the loser of Auburn/Georgia would almost certainly drop below the Buckeyes, and that should also be the case for the loser of Miami/Clemson (especially if it’s the Hurricanes who lose).

For now, though, Buckeyes coach Urban Meyer is trying to keep his team focused on the task at hand against the Badgers. He said he’d talk to them about the playoff — though primarily about how to tune out the noise brought on by playoff talk.

“Certainly, I’ll talk to our team about it because the term around here is laser focus,” Meyer said on a teleconference Sunday. “Our laser focus is on Wisconsin and nothing else.

“I’ll visit with our players before they meet with me because I don’t want to hear about [the College Football Playoff] on social media. Focus on your responsibility. When they do, we’re a heck of a team. When they don’t, we’re like everybody.”

College Football Playoff Rankings, Week 14

1. Clemson

2. Auburn

3. Oklahoma

4. Wisconsin

5. Alabama

6. Georgia

7. Miami (Fla.)

8. Ohio State

9. Penn State

10. Southern California

11. TCU

12. Stanford

13. Washington

14. UCF

15. Notre Dame

16. Michigan State

17. LSU

18. Washington State

19. Oklahoma State

20. Memphis

21. Northwestern

22. Virginia Tech

23. Mississippi State

24. North Carolina State

25. Fresno State

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