OMF – Kirk Minihane calls in about OMF filling in for K&C; Why is Jimmy Garoppolo still on the Patriots? 8-11-17

Fort Wayne and moaning and forty if you. Anyone know you don’t wanna be associated with it and thought this was a part of sleeplessness but what’s wrong with you you you you tried it oh yeah. Picking up all the he keeps coming up. The backside political and Lou and Christian know why would you have. The sand nukes to take care of Guam why would you just drop like additional weight and then it was temple. Like the historic. He VIP tickets are sixty including me Hungary with Fabiano Yates Davidson and Hackett and you know all about all the for sixty dollars I can Jim Hackett glad to be all fired up quite so good that’s that mean Paul is still doing in the days tomorrow correct. This is stupid he should come and do the mornings he’s our shot suing you but I’d rather have them produced and Paul. Once. I take it back on April polls here today holy mackerel we all want to get him but I I they do something off the top John I don’t do and I do not do I get it as a young. Radio host you’re on the weekends at WEEI first segment I would do wish they call yes I would take phone calls in the first segment and I learn. You don’t do that you don’t do that sometimes in the post game show you’ve been there a big story happened shall take couple call goals you let the thing breathe a little bit. I tweeted this out and I’m asking for help right now I need a favor from the WEEI audience. I need four or five league die hard perky Callahan listeners. Who lists in the show every game whether it’s to mossy as the third man and a or myself or trying to or Alex people who know the ins and outs of the show people would call themselves yes indeed. Kirk and Callahan. Listeners their fans 617. 7797937. The phone number 617779. 7937. To quell the once legendary landlord way let’s load up those fault lines. I need 545. Gonna tell him. And on real quick it will not take you along you’ll be back to work you’ll be back in the car I’m not gonna take much for your time. It is a very brief a little Simon here Kirk callon listeners wrote the show today 6177797937. And all get all of our lives but I I don’t do calls there’s a point in the six beer yet Jerry calls these people in the treatment. We needed because an infantry soldiers you know foot soldiers and his army. On army against LeBron what. I’m not sure what what that means I don’t they have done in about that I am so you call Jerry is fabric in military commander and the user is infantry and is Carl Allen and what’s so hard to figure out about that all I didn’t know they’d nicknamed their listen I’m nickname. This wasn’t that. Matt and I missed it Seattle and is put it on over cart this is why you say things like we should just stick to Spitzer and a when your wrong with me you’re you’re a little bit about the day you were all into the game last night which will get to I was at that event that all just referenced. The first annual and I’m calling it first annual because after last night. There’ll be more the first annual WEEI. Fantasy huddle. The event last night laugh Boston was freaking awesome that’s not true because the experts shut up Pete. Because the experts were good Fabiano and Yates and Jim Davidson. But it was the listeners man these war our guys these were guys who were John. They’re taking notes off what the experts are saying and there yeah Allen back and forth with that the guys up there it was just. It was it always watching a pack a passionate football audience gets so excited to talk to you you would have enjoyed it as someone who has played double daily. Atlanta they get six guys in that would send a more home runs he’s got I played was 35 RBIs. Look at that read about rob. Excitement the Yankees may be we’ll get to those calls as well be you’ll like the event last I believe it. I also love the fact that you put out the call you asked for the people the call. Full phone lines within. How many seconds in an automatic. Yet but it meant the screening process take this long extra screening process is taking longer and I thought I like Jason this year I’m not at what may I don’t care I don’t care where you from I don’t care. What the comment line is giving five listeners to Kirk in talent and we got five right now. It’s a simple question. How bad was to this action now you don’t what you don’t I don’t know what I thought it influence there should senator that how would you assess this movies or five people listen to Kirk in Cali and every day they got a taste of the mid day guys with Glenn and Lewin Christian although not sure that was the real Glenn today there’s a discussion. Bubble on and off the air about what happens with Glenn pledged one ask five. Kirk in Cali listeners what they thought of today shells out OK guys are and it’s a good social experiment Ryan in Brookline Ryan what you think the morning show today. I I enjoyed it. I really did but he got a great job this. By you got wasn’t us it was Glenn Lou Christie’s old guys they scenario the same team parts EC. So the team in general did a good job good. Absolutely not eloquently it this morning they’re talking a lot about the you know. Wind goes up. They brought the sports today Iran I agree good job run that’s one it’s one for the good guys here yet I Angelo on Boston and full house to show today. I was all right and not the dam broke and the main guy’s dad loved Jerry who brings it every day and compare that system. Trouble that he’s unbelievable. So lacked a little bit of a lot of that today. But it was still dad look so good I mean Christians that good and so what big games we will demand you know it’s all good. It’s just not the same and Algerian terrorist conflict but off on everybody in the mornings it’s not a thing. Yeah you wanna wake up and be anger with those guys and I was like anger today as boring boring boring re re a bush Herbert was last thing it does spritz and sprinkles on top Mike and probably as Mikey I was a showed that it now. Look terrible. That’s the re always Fauria and we’ll actually global beaten out of them dictatorship event. Buick Marciano at 6 o’clock it would have kept the show it would accept it shall more realistic yet or what they’re trying not to saw Kirk he’s worried about everything he says he knows Kirk’s listen in. We should. These guys aren’t you guys on the ought. Mike that’s. Mike has no idea how right here. But I wouldn’t I wouldn’t blame Glenn for the entire Kirk as everyone’s terror but not knee sat out there right now I did that’s that I’m not reading text or right now mrs. it’s not even happening Billy’s in Manchester Billy is the most die hard Turkey Callahan and Billy house at that. All awful. Crime pool. I mean. I think I can I can’t achieve it looked terrible. There at that point that I actually. That’s a. My guidance they’ve actually Billy Billy Billy Billy you’ve called and bill doesn’t write these exit steroids until Ozzie call just to lockyer. I brought up the whole import in the that I just a documentary thing articulate about that. Brings that was mine that. I would watch that thirteen part documentary on crisis. Yeah that was in any part of that showed today. Billy I’m not sure exactly Wheatley and cut out and thirty times its bag boys that awful awful I can’t he couldn’t even he couldn’t come up with the words let’s a couple of more here Ned Dennis cities Boston idea. On guys what’s up now. That suck that’s not gonna. I was looking for Glenn will conform you know walking to the airwaves could find them anywhere and now also could. How do you. And I knew quite what they’re spirit national political loose or. But some got a day or eight. Who wait a ticket doctorate so it is just too much. Really just not enjoyable as I. I started it and you’re gonna take that yes. That’s. He was into it today I thought it was certainly into it I show on a car show on Yugo had. Hey I. I don’t like Kuerten LA at all although fired mortar and that would Oracle’s cracker ass may. Now. I don’t know that I do this all shall we do wanna get a taste off the top four SP people they tune into Kirk in Cali and they expect a certain thing they got a different player rice can today. All it’s the beautiful state of Maine Kirk is up in that Kenny bunk this guy work Kirk you’re up with mud and mossy how are you. I got paid him triple of the show Dexter just wanted to say. Real quick I think it was on the show I got you back on Twitter or social and out what I heard in the coming knowledge addiction cure all due. At my place and at McCord actually chart. Or I move all the shows it’s open for us section breaks them all so awful and yet we can hear right now to be here I’m actually moving relic. Bradford trainee up. Bought spot up one spot. And he made big guys are going in the bonds bought it showed history. Not Kirk and talent show what recorded sounds solid to graduate goes doesn’t such. You seem you seemed pretty passionate produced a listener of Sports Radio to rank all the felons to a certain show it’s. Now this is this is this is monotonous curt and me and says it’s Turkey Kenny OK yes yes don’t. Every your game where. It’s real conversation this was my radio game to do this in you you called into my radio game. It was a terrible things happen injuries are honored for their against ironically enough time for the cabinet shuttle back to radio pocket which to. They tried the best record I appreciate it they get the best because they’re all out. It was they’ll criticize or weigh this or that reads on I mean I don’t think they trampling on. I agree we look at him here offered me an Aronson you know what. Ultimately work execution outward to the ratio. Joseph and Mary Bradley personality DelHomme back so I would say I want when I want to say passive curtains now. I would say bass though are hander festival watney. Best of anything. Absolutely anything other what I heard today. Did you like it and layered let’s streamlined and do it. Additional picture all of it but I. Did you I would have today what happened. I don’t know those guys either alma tells brutal. Long while or I’ll I’ll turns on his own guys very quickly here is ready or not you know he’s Sharpton and I just texting in the earnings would go come up with a waited to say that was the best show on January and today. I mean. Incredible that we will let me exactly what I can assure you I was don’t pop. Century I feel bad that like the guy well I don’t like the guys I like show to show and they. The today reported so all. So just to confirm your. It was the worst show in the history is instead of ground sound recorders out there. I want me up obviously Padilla with a much more Estrich of course saying you know other quick bite of record sent out whatever was it was a terrible. Terrible thing I wanna say no one that does not torture people kill themselves or put to work it’ll take days to find bought people themselves shall think. Other district of the show itself I think will round out this week that it bought a problem so that it. Heart enjoy your weekend in Maine. Well art what got us. Little tape after mocking the button below to share related edits there it is you’re in control wrap he had to say I am pass half price that he does about it. I’m surprised that yesterday’s a button in at a buck does not allow you to him. He brought that allows him to I got news enable it and and I wanna get a sense this was a new thing at the station tried taking a full actual full show moving it around to different parts of wanna get an idea what. The listeners thought. And Paul I talk of this are ready. I just I don’t know what happened England today now Glenn is dealing with a medically she he he only mentioned it about 95000 times today on the year so he’s on medication. And the kidney stone and it is eighth kidneys. Which Nazi stop drinking milk at some point the Eagles calcium committee to stop the milk. So that there’s a pain involved I came in a bad idea crock I’ve public and in a fighter can he’s not ready to pass you know Glenn is Glenn is like problems like panda he should now he’s us like a hundred rounds. He should just embrace serious problem needs to be big. Glenn needs to be big and all the cells that would go way maybe that’s what was that because I appall you look you hear it every day for four hours I admit that really don’t listen every day. What happening gland that I think he’s. Doped up on pain pills that he was down because pain is he’s Douglas in terms of what he’s not skinny. So I think he’s I use under the influence use. Doped out. It sounded gallium I was gonna ask you in Iowa I know I shouldn’t even ask you NASA — reports that would but the yes of course you instead wells and you remember this scene where the kidney stone is removed from elsewhere engine yes. I thought about that seen in years back all of the added saying I picked caliber automatic. Go up in in. But this is 2017 could we have a laser. Removal of that kiddies don’t at some point no one manager Chris and nukes to take care of Guam why would you just drop like additional weight. And then it would tip over that was we that’s a weird line is that somebody who is a little bit strung out on Mets. Right and the wasting any sounds very lucid likely casualties is energy level is is high heat EVE comes out at 10 o’clock in bold always ready go it’s one of those things where. There are days where Christian a little said it’s off the air as well to kick in what I think little time today. I’m just. Being back you make it a great point it’s got out of the way. Dix plot drive time is crucial segment. Yeah Christian. Now than it was going to be until some agreement to mountainside. And tell us why you. It was to pump the brakes on this I’m sorry public holidays you’re you’re you’re Leahy’s. I on this yeah well look I wanted you out did you guys don’t know what’s up dude like you are not home I don’t believe I don’t want to do or die guide stop being so nice everybody it’s okay it’s talk among nice purse wallet and unlike you I promise you unlike me right now. Within you look at. See and the so they admitted on the air. And I believe off the air that they wonder what happened today I think many people after a question that was in the sports I shall I hope they go is okay I hope that. He passes that this weekend at his wedding anniversary today so on to be able enjoy it if there are certain things you can enjoy being normally would on your anniversary now dealing with that sort of thing. But just he was he was out he was out of her from the beginning so we hope he feels better. And we’re glad that it’s in this all time in and out radio and TV and market research. Right legal backing of a focus group afterwards yeah what we he’s got to focus group. I’ll hear the rundown of the focus stirred by Texan notes a heated gases going quick Ryan enjoyed it but it’d great job we hung up on him to thank him. Angela thought it was all right Kurtz an animal lacked the luster but it was still good good. And Mike finally brings it it was terrible leader board went foray in mid days up Billy awful awful I just can’t he had no words. Dennis and it’s not couldn’t find bland. Four days a buffoon John said it was boring bull crap and anchor from kind of bond set it was worse than that. I asked sound your TV makes when there’s just like the bulls eye on the screen and it just. Mike makes an awful noisy who have on the old Buick Buick I’ll tell an island as well reality here no show yet or bleed. It was worse and worst Earth’s worst thing in history records out so that it was a pretty good consensus that’s our focus group we’ll take that to. Management yet and maybe next time. Mean you will be yesterday it will get paid extra for that would be nice and we just did the market this week this hire a company now we. We did it we get it right. Show until 2 o’clock today. Awful last night’s game an awful war we just heard the last four hours I heard Cyrus Jones I heard. Rookies names I’m never gonna hear again I heard Austin Carr I heard. I heard a lot that’s not just from the lets you chat replay. To meet Ares. Only two things worthy of talking about awful last night’s game maybe you disagree. The first is Jimmy the problem gamble start there because as I’m watching Jimmy Rob Lowe. On good 22 of 28 carve up the Jacksonville jaguar wannabes. My thought is. Held in the tree this guy. Why wasn’t this guy traded look how good he is book it. While other teams must have seen in him. Cleveland’s offering multiple forests around your neck and could’ve gotten my that all was this guy pat and I thought watching him plays he’s gonna waste oil on the bench you got nothing in return for got a clearly start from. A bunch of teams right now. And east you’re stuck with a knock as you you would not trade in the office you watched that game and that is your take away asset you should ask Jimmy grappling shouldn’t be on this you explain and you watch him play last night why did in trade him. What is there to explain you don’t trade him because you have a forty year old starting quarterback and I know we’ve been over this at all I tell you Brady’s gonna get hurt this is the party Tommy Tom’s going to be hurt worst time possible AC it possible he’s forty years old. Quarterbacks tend not to last much beyond forty you watch what he did last night and you didn’t immediately think. Oh my god this thing could go on for another ten years now this could be what the colts won it Andrew Luck to be but it’s turning out that he’s not because they can’t put a team around him. You have the chance to follow Brady. With somebody who can hit the ground running are you kidding me and you wanna let that go you had the chance to watch this guy sit on your bench for the next five months and Doug’s idea or when he walked away nothing you have to franchise you can read that I OK trade and handed out Matt Cassel went into an franchise tag is much higher for quarterback right now you already paying Brady significant amount and our salary cap ramifications to franchise him. Even to trade him and it’s still lack the team trading him. You’re not gonna get the same value would have got it on the heavier so Brock Wyler that seven million bucks in free agency or whatever it was you tell me some team. It’s not gonna wanna trade for Jimmy G because it cost when he 1000001 of all. They’re gonna cost more than NAFTA when you’re back out whatever you Walter deal with the guy yet but that’s my point you’re gonna negotiate an extension within anyway so that doesn’t matter. Anything you could have gotten for him at this time are you know last year you’re going to be able to get when the season is over. Or girls aren’t known on an no shot with that with the value of the teams put on quarterbacks. And the desperate. The desperation. That teams show trying to find quarterbacks you’re telling me. That even based on what he did last night that people are gonna look at that there could look at what he did last year. And say. That’s the guy Amylin hitch my wagon now here’s the issue though John there will be teams that do that. Those teams beat the top of the first round. Guess is coming out this year. Josh Rosen and three or four other guys always hot teams that went on quarterbacks OK but the bad teams this year are gonna have legit. Pop of the first round. Quarterback talent to choose from and so the Jimmy grapple trade value not only eighty docket that. That one year look at a minimum salary and a franchise here that a long term extension if you trade for now. You also now view of a much better draft class of quarterbacks that teams can choose from and get any much lower price. For the next five or six years here at the top of the first so you don’t think there’s any value at all for the patriots having a capable back up who can step in if Tom Brady gets our. If it’s as if Tom Brady gets a concussion it is Al decides that it’s time for him to collar career Arnold shot you don’t I think it’s where you don’t think it’s worth having Mac guy. On your roster because guess what if you traded him and something happens that Tom Brady you arts rooting your registered for this year you’re screwed for years down the road. As long as you have him on this roster. You’ve got a shot you’ve talked for years about the patriots ability to sort of continue to rebuild on the fly with their traffic’s. How much better with the situation at the end. Let’s assume for her homage Barack could be you’re assuming that Brady is getting your part in your world where grapple plays in the back up. Brady gets hurt. In my world it’s like every other year Embry place healthy throughout the course of the year. So crumpled never gets him. And the year he still the guy he was percent was the backup in played in have to tip the blow outs this year. You have even makes its first round pick from last year from Cleveland another first round pick or second round pick this year. You are rebuilding on the fly with Brady and these additional picks because you’re trying to recruit. I mean your your your your ice regal is author will be continuing the success. While you are still in the midst of the Brady. Wind on the easily still open job it’s not close the fifth. If your banking number eighty to play at 42434445. Just recognize that no one’s ever done before and maybe he’ll be the first that wouldn’t bet against him. But I certainly wouldn’t leave myself open. If I’m bill and Bill Belichick agrees because otherwise you’re right Jimmy gee wouldn’t be here the fact that he is tells you is gonna sound crazy I don’t normally say this. But Belichick is thinking more like I am and you. The go Rob Lowe is the next one that grapple I was the next quarterback and more to the point that. Whatever you lose let’s say you could have gotten too high first round picks this year and next year it’s gonna be too low first round picks. That difference is a vet and worth the price to pay. For having Jimmy G. Here for another year. As you are as your back up at measure. He’s me. You know answer contingency plan in case sometimes so I ask this question last night at the very highly attended very excited. Fan base. WEEI fancy title to the experts who their field the gates and Michael Fabiano. Who is the red a as the patriots starting quarterback opening day next year and the consensus was he’s Aubrey. So why I drive out it’ll still here because you need an insurance plan I mean if you’re Europe bay ya and you say off. You are banking on Tom Brady to do something that has never been done before and may be well. Maybe he’s maybe he’s gonna be different he I mean you can RD argue his age 39 seasons and it’s in arguable was the greatest in history for anybody that age. I find but if you are banking on that to continue just. Be aware that in the history of the NFL it is not been the case that quarterback remains effective after age 41. Well but then bolt agrees he he wrote it today will see what the patriots fans think that watch Jimmy G plate where their people out there that agreed with me the watch and said. What Pete you’ve gotten from this guy last year or is it that Hamas eat better bowling crowd maybe Bill Belichick round. This is why Rob Lowe is still here 617779. 7937. The phone and we open the show with calls today at 10 o’clock in the morning we opened a showed a fall calls you people of state on all the entire time. And all the producer Paul let’s take one more call. Off McCartney Callahan and let people know we’ll take these drop the course the data get an idea of what people on the morning show today Hank is in it but talking I Hank. I had outlaw public art I’ll. I saw nick how about real quick about it you get your alma. Yet. Great job at idol guys excellent job I looked that good morning. I’ve never related to end this show. That if I guy. Rooted maybe I’d we got in the I actually doubt. Model rated excellent. Excellent public at a lot of big enough I. Both black eyed look Albemarle. Like I was like why not thank the lord today. Probably I would I don’t speak like always put up. Almost embarrassed and all of a giant excuse he would. You do oracle I I don’t want it. I’ve usually I usually hate when Christian Fauria calls an owners who named chipper about was did any loss character at the end he lost Garrett there. Lost character I’ve played. In that area area and the other three guys 61777979837. We have a lot to get to today Roger Goodell in the building last night a wacky doctrine South Carolina is going after Tom Brady. Odd Donald Trump is standing up to North Korea or insured pisses off the mossy. Ought to know extend not to blow up the world in Pittsburgh appoint moderate to Muncie in four. Land Lou and Christian 6177797. I decrease evidenced by its. At ON map on WEEI. 140 characters of new England sports know how every day keep up with the show on Twitter at. Oh man. EI let’s get you back to more important way admirably and forty game right now what Sports Radio yeah. Don’t be unlike me right now without you want to look at you. Well I have very serious I don’t know how to the fifth highest right now. If you’re you’re laying up on this in just taking a seat while we do this you want nothing to do with it because you want no you don’t wanna be associated with it inside this but I honestly listen to what problems do you. I ask that question be asked by folks out on the air and off here what was wrong with big Oakland or wait for the Brooklyn one before he’s an energetic guy. Fast pace keep to go on today. Is the early hours at a casual orally. So it took me awhile be used to not sponsor 603 out of the gate bikes and yet was it earlier this week we it was that you. Many Hanna dropped. Is that what Tuesday you acts that day you brought for beginning and now as we hear you that I was in the next day because Gary banged in sick and it’s terrible annals do you want one which heroes which proves my my rule which is do not have intimacy and two days in a row or don’t have Meehan. Too early days in a week in the second one rules or a third. I don’t know if I’ve ever done the real hopefully I don’t think I app but I can he back in tomorrow yes my third ran in for around noon at some point it is said John through fall asleep. Well this I think I get to sleep in today so I should be all right Woolsey mobile find out 617779. 7937. The phone number there are a couple of story lines that were talking out of last night’s game at the first is. Jimmy Rob Lowe and as you watched him play just think like guided. One look at the gun if they traded him last year to possibly disagrees our market New Hampshire on the patriots backup quarterback in mark. Get them out lecture I should jerk. I’ll watch I. Don’t shoot as good as you’ve got all at all about just everybody. All right so what else. I don’t like pretty gem. Well. You know I don’t. You know. It showed what. You’re not heard it straight out. Yes it does. Our market I thought mark I’ll let you finish but here here’s my eight in the here is my hypothesis on the trade value here first of all. If you trade form you know you’ve got to give him. Eight multi year contract big money contract right now you’re not gonna pay a quarterback 25 million bucks for your I don’t think on top of that. The quarterback class this year is really really good all pull up a second but there are three or four guys considered a top ten top fifteen top twenty. Quarterbacks so those teams that are gonna any quarterback and they’ll meet done. I got any Jimmy gee let’s this year. Yeah yeah I. Checked and not being a lady that she is the spirit. Of the area. To the gate or want it outdoor meet somebody that gay at all. College guy that extra bat at somebody at this bad. The national that you are wearing eat and eat it bought you act I will get more I. Ready to go check out I’m sorry I I’d out of the box at all. Yeah I’m looking at right now thanks for the call today marked the guys were talking about this is as of August 1. I’ll stand on all the kid from a USC projected no number once the New York Jets. You have Josh Allen out of Wyoming scheduled to go potentially in the top five Lamar Jackson a is the next guide their number six the one I’m not mentioning and and maybe use dropped here and rates and comments. In the media recently about your kids and and go to school Ers football. I don’t see Josh Rosen here who was the fourth guy but they have three quarterbacks in the top six. Right now going in next year trap that’s certainly changes the Dow. And I will you know I’m just looking at a list here so Brock costs Lila for years 72 million we know that was disaster. Michael Landon three years in 45 million Ryan tanning oil for years and 77 million. Sam Bradford two years and 36 million people will spend. On net vendor on quarterbacks who have taken a snap in the NFL that’s how this works and Jimmy G has shown you as much in a game and a half. As any of those guys have shown their whole career look at other than maybe Tammy understood but if you’re one of these teams the bottom of the first tough bottom of the league top of the first round. Are you Richardson and winning that next year or you interested in developing a guy will pocket a win this year so maybe let this guy say cannot penetrate for garrote below. And then taking quarterback. At the top of the draft right what are you learning what if your team in the middle of the first round of the even the bottom of the first right you know the patriots work you know. That Belichick would Rana had three picks from. 25 to 35 and one in the top ten that’s just how he works so. If you’re a team in the middle. You can get the seventeenth pick and future first rounder for Jimmy G. I don’t think you’re that much worse off than you would have been. This year and we don’t even know what Cleveland or any of those teams are willing what we’ve had an idea though was the twelfth pick in the draft he got eight top of the first round pick. In addition to that more first and second topics so starting with wood on the twelfth pick a year ago to add to this already loaded patriots roster. Plus you’d already have these other picks we can get the next. Tom Brady yet to get an ass you are grappling with and is it only took them how many years between great in grapple. It’s like fifteen years so in fifteen years they got two guys. And one we don’t even fully know about obviously in rappel they’d ever gave Ryan mallet chants yeah I don’t your idea and I I’ll lay it got art ever gave him an opportunity when the next. Yeah we would have been a tax Bieber that’s Brian Hoyer he didn’t pop always the Ailes said that was the guy Mike may Mike mania that was going adult. Paul patriots PR spin could jump from like. Zach general island on Jimmy drop lies act. A mullah like you but you’re trading and I got out your question I disagree it yet sure. Who knew what position. Do we avenue got right now who who would we need urgently. You could use a quarterbacking duties a linebacker there are plenty positions they could use help that. They’re they’re there they’re very good teams but. I seek out another offensive lineman taken the top of well they always think of what you’re saying it. You know so that will miss those back to you we just we don’t need anybody we we have no real glaring need so hypothetically. You straight to Cleveland for the first overall pick you get mild scare first overall this unit that in better. Yeah us does miles Garrett upfront make the patriots better absolutely. You’ll but he does. Not opened. I mean he’s been in the rookie I I have to Misch who’s up for. All right so let’s let’s look at all this intrigue rob Lowe’s Jimmie grapples gone next year is miles Gary help in year two in year three year four in your five year six course Dodd’s. I mean I don’t really know but we voted and that kind diplomat has passers by committee does really well this scenario is that guy. How about this scenario. You think I’m crazy. Brady plays anti Brady please seek higher year wins the MVP they win a Super Bowl or upload doesn’t play a snap how much does that help the patriots. And you’re right in an accident that you know putting this scenario is a meal out miles guerre is not gonna help the team it crumpled doesn’t play. What bells up the patriots. I don’t I don’t think that’s necessarily true I think Belichick is like having good football players around and Jimmy either great football player he showed it last night. He’s for he’s Smart and knows the system he’s probably agree scout quarterback when they’re prepared for teens and that they prepare for a team that. Scrambling quarterback he’s pretty mobile site so we help old style and I would rather personally I would rather out the insurance policy. Then how could a defense of a rookie defensive center. Now know how but he wanted to swing tackles back he was open for us when I’m out I got other really good win block you get in their foes they get the fire is always gonna get up in that they get what it and I know what is carriers do what did match Adam’s house a terrorist as he cleans the pocket or some seminaries sweeps that that’s something you you’re in charge of Matt Chatham last night I watch I was in charge of the W the — and I. You guys won the best I love the bulletins football team you don’t hear his name a lot. But Ted cares man he has a pocket cleaner he’s he reminds me a while those were reminders that it being caught. Does that make this here was just so tough. You could do a whole show on Matt Chatham starter Mac game the best lineup you have to say more I don’t know if you have the the long touchdown that Cyrus just give up the second one. Where the safety didn’t help. And they were trying to decide if it was Cyrus jones’ fall or. Richards I think the safety. And he broke it down he’s a Christian Chris and they recover for him back this item is just Jarden Jarden Jarden jargon jargon jargon didn’t make sense anybody lets you. Played football. Or will they get out yet we’ll find. Excited that here economy that last night and a Matt is very into it Matt was annoyed today. Courted social media he couldn’t post is is recap is the adult when he too was not yet. I will say this and I were to the herald’s he wrote like a weekly patriots recapping an inside football thing yeah ActiveX right directly Steve does it now on. He postal bosses were estimates Boston’s fortune or somewhere on FaceBook and I’m sure he’s doing it somewhere. I he enjoys the inside football part prize in the cape on the patriots and their quarterback Brian go ahead. They look apparently talked about the quarterback position and and that being the most important position in sports right I mean you look at all the players and all the talent we traded away why we why will be able to trade. You know Virginia Colin cook a lawyer Malloy to Richard Seymour away. Number eighty. Tom Brady so if you’ve got to got to got to wait for the next ten years then you take that all work Tom Brady who. My only play for tried warriors. OK so how I was how does that work dance a year you’ve committed to drop below full time next year already in your mind Brian how does that or to keep money here and what he delivery. You know like radio and exterior. After after the end of this year. But just through. I’m not but that’s that’s what people as people are saying they are you ready taking guys let her down a regular season football yet and it’s already. Hannibal all the Jimmy drop out Brady as a senior at last year. Pop idol brought my mouth patriot fans across the country. Drop the amounts of Brady has a similar year to last year almost with the MVP they win a championship and they go in L. That’s a more years we Jimmy G and tires here sorry Tom McCall played San Francisco the ultimate object move well it would be if the best thing ever for us on in this is just. But it Brady goes on somewhere else and egg Indies that he hitch their wagon Jimmy gee all are all baby. Who will be here yeah act at Bryant thanks drag all bloodless. Belichick might make them move I’ve said this before and probably sounds stupid to many people which is fine. I’m not sure the if the Kraft family let’s Belichick made the move out opposition contract situation as he’s bounced back nicely from that. But it if he has the Erie had a year ago. Do the crafts in your mind say we gotta treat this guy different than. What able. Yeah and and frankly Emmy ballots sect even would probably feel that way because you know your best chance of winning a Super Bowl. As even Meehan and of those of us who say Jimmy G is the future. You recognize that in the next two or three years your best chance when I assume roles of break I think we all agree with that. It’s for all the years after the 567. Years after that potentially where you have the guy to keep this whole thing Roland because. Take Brady off these teams and put even a pretty good quarterback on my the year Matt Cassel had yeah you’re not win in super balls you’re still a good team you probably still win the division you’re in the playoffs but. You know are you beating Denver’s defense which you’ve had trouble doing with Brady anyway. No you know you are you beating Seattle in Matsu goalie coming back against the falcons now so. I understand that Brady’s your best chance in the short term and long term and ballots Jack. God bless him he’s always look at long term I kind of thought that Ian Brady would go out together but back clearly does not seem to be part of his plan just in our coach until they drag his body he’s going to be Marv Levy and yeah I think he’s even joked about ally and I’m not gonna be Marv Levy but he very well may be. I’ll tell at the top of his game we’ll continue with this people reacting. Early and often it’s 6177797937. Just after 11 o’clock we will talk about a Doctor Who was very critical this is not a listener Horry fan or media member. A doctor. Critical of Brady first dance on concussions John and I will discuss that we can back your calls plus I need some more Chatham I need some more for EA. I need some more roach he what did patriots propaganda sound like last night’s. Peace time right now in the morning media relations action. And good food chain. Sarah James he’s right now the more time against. They are in gruden could show right now. I hear they have figured it out scored way more Loney and Fauria on Sports Radio. I’m the one who knows that safety help will watch that safety peek inside but right up the line he gets beat can’t recover. I feel that decisions. That was not what does this give us what safety. That would middle sort of pale in the outside is sitting at the top of the screen. He’s pale and he. I don’t left safety that made the mistake on his sport is what is you know he’s yeah I think derive that because he’s so he saw the safety. Of the Cyrus don’t let’s not sporty like he had them man to man it looked like. I felt like deep inside out. What is going to be turned around somebody there Dallas won 62 and a half dropping a six he’s doing a straight down actually he’s come aboard something but I. I think a lot of us agents and right now we’re gonna blame Cyrus tells her that. He’s chasing them you must. No different role. Yeah we wonder I was two and a half drop the other guy was doing appear wet here comes the backside safety he’s in a fire zone did he go a gap or being a gap on luxury get up in there. And do a clean out and really clean the the mechanism I got all the way to there what’s gonna dad now almost filled I almost I don’t have as much trouble with the ex players to do that like okay. You don’t understand that doesn’t make sense to 95%. Of people watch the game fine. It’s the people who have made the cottage industry out of breaking down the aisle it’s funny to Greg Bedard got blood. Denies I didn’t say any names you did I I I can’t lie I cough yeah. He had that those are the ones that I have less tolerance for because it is all jargon it’s target target target and I admit I read them. I mean I ivory would then bowl and does is Tuesday breakdown of the games these over play by play I’ve read that. When Greg Bedard was doing his then free breakdowns I would read those two so I’m I’m only half mocked you by. Why is it with football. Where now OK with it for it it’s for the most part you are tired OK all I am sorry you have animated gifts or gypsum whatever they’re called the slow down your computer while they show you that outside technique which shut out. The same people who are like auto baseball’s too nerdy now let me guess what they’re starting. Good have you watched football I think you guys a run I think as it was an audience and it’s not because it’s right I think people love this. I think people want to be people wanted to carry one sounds smarter and yet they wanna be the guy the water cool lose a little bit smarter than the other cool wanna have these little terms I think but it’s all for patriots fans football sic paid the eat this stuff so why why do people mock it in baseball and football the unit up because that is more football fans I fans a lot of I think the mocking voice of the water. Yet all silent majority and baseball and readiness is all take us all about numbers that’s a good host take good practice right there policy. And on Eros on a go he’s halfway there nice job by you. Glad he lets the come in four hours early summer and yesterday outside a I’ll sale you can do. Yet know the baseball things on numbers and that’s like that’s that’s true and artery has its numbers based this is jargon based mrs. I recognize this technique that techne entered the of this I would. Straight down actually he’s. Couple more soft but dot. Well I size and I thought that I was not umbrella coverage there as an umbrella coverage type a set up their legal cover three no cover two that’s the course of the box did. Fire zone blitz out of that cover two you can do yet the other thing is Madden Madden probably actually plays a role on this as well because. All the mad and stuff it’s all the Dodd under this over under cover whatever they have little illustrations that show you exactly what it means that if you play bad you know exactly come before responsibilities as you know where the corners don’t see to it it’s huge help. For anybody plays and yeah absolutely no covered recovered to one part one is what robberies that that’s a big big big help their young son and I got that. That’s part of it if you’re young and played man I’m think about by Madigan for the first time I’m 37 I might tooled by a man a 37 unaudited until tomorrow he’s tossing and all of the play video I don’t slain man that we still play games yet I I like old tech global war. Adam my kids play but I don’t. And I was in India and I guess I am I’m actually not playing anything at the moment monster yeah I’m too focused on me shows and you definitely are good if a the dividend lost them. Has the report to the Tom Brady call earlier aide David. Hey guys out still good. Look that I guess there mock rage when I create these idiots who call it and they would also get rid of Tom Brady next year the year if you agreed. Quarterback at all. I’m playing you look at guys run its course and until the wheels fall off the spot you don’t trade now because. So what so you can take it step backwards. And get a couple more years out of somebody else that’s not gonna. The format at the same level that. I’ve lower than I had thought and didn’t go ahead. I turned down. I’ll put it just it just doesn’t make sense you have the greatest quarterback of all time. Think about next year you get somebody who’s not gonna perform at the same level got to perform at an. At a reasonable quarterback but not at the same level but he got to perform longer I mean it. That’s just. This idiotic and when people call up would with that kind of yet it it just makes me question humanity as a whole. David let let me pick up the month rate but Tom for second your get the music ready because these people these people that call up and say before one regular season games have played a seat for two and a half quarter Jimmy go Rob Lowe. And say it’s tied him on a drop low. They are trying to beat the people you guys just talked about. The inside football guys. I called Jimmy EG. I was the one saint Jimmy gee should be the quarterback I knew the crop will be the guy. Without it is seen Brady they wanna be the smartest guys in the third. They wanna say. All I got Brady Bledsoe right. And I got Brady go awful right that’s why people not seen a one snapple rails in football or already ready to move on from Tom Brady on that they are against the machine in my cellar. It you get my outrage sometimes as yet there were hired outrage of the about names on jerseys to be about grapple Brady could give our all sorts of things come out. I’m Dana please come through there. Dallas won 62. Six he’s doing a straight down maps like these. Of course I have ever tell you how Belichick used in film breakdown for reporters like once a year. Is pretty good Jackson along goes that’s ten years ago I mean. One for what was that disability he so it would be like. He would sort of reward the regulars the people who would be in there day after day after day it used to be around Christmas. He’d come in on like a Friday morning which is the dead this morning maybe six reporters in there. And we wouldn’t go to the podium and take us into the film room and he would just break down some very basic concept but for those of us had never played or whatever is. Amazing in one day he broke down cover two forests and when Bill Belichick breaks down cover two with a point there and the all 22 in the huge video screen. By the end of like five minutes an idea like oh my god I totally get on this is the simple I don’t libel expert now the other thing that he just wanted to visit. It she exposes their complete and total lie his old thing about how like. I don’t understand this technology stuff but mind seasons. Now face an instant Faye you know all of his jokes about the dogs and listen I think violence and they say yeah yeah. I think you what I hear about watch him what the clicker and reminding in the computer and everything and highlighting stuff and zooming around it’s like a he had this guy knows. All that stuff wait you mean he really. Can set his clock. In his Ali that he can act and I believe that he probably doesn’t use a VCR anymore have been DX is dvd player. Makes you are really pissed me off what’s been like what an lock it’s not that I think may be the first time he said my face. That he might have been messing it up since then it’s been an inside joke between he and his kids. And Linda that is that how you it’s not place there where yeah. Everyone Ali that’s basically laughs it’s like you know to laugh at them anymore it’s it’s bad joke is run its course. We need in the cold. Even I can’t get my arranged about such as he should heed. You think this thing it’s it’s a joke the Iraq I’ve run in many jokes in the ground this is. Bill Belichick running an instant Graham and the face. Baseball whatever wanna call joke in the background he had been the other one he likes is if it’s an ifs and buts or candies and nuts that something about Christmas I’ll be Merry Christmas he’s pulled out one out. Multiple times. 6177797937. The phone numbers or Jimmy drop below one of the big stories awful last night’s game Roger Goodell the other won’t get to that. A later on in the show but it became with the quarterback theme a doctor in South Carolina. Very critical of Tom Brady and I think I’ll get him being overboard here they should take this guy’s medical. They should not let him practice medicine. Ever again we’ll get to this nut job next.

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