Oxford University in spat with David Lammy over diversity figures, as official account retweets post calling MP ‘bitter’

The University of Oxford has come under fierce criticism from MPs and public figures after it retweeted a post calling David Lammy “bitter” following his criticism of their diversity figures.

The figures show white students are twice as likely to get in as their black counterparts. It was also revealed that those who grow up in the south are far more likely to get in than their northern counterparts.

More than one in four of its colleges failed to admit a single black British student each year between 2015 and 2017, and eight colleges are less than one per cent black.

The MP claimed he had to “force” the university to publish these figures, submitting Freedom of Information requests.

Seemingly in response, the official University of Oxford Twitter account retweeted a post which read: “As a member of the University from inner-city northern England, I think Mr Lammy’s constant bitter criticism of Oxford is bang out of order.”