Paul Finebaum names his College Football Playoff teams

The latest College Football Playoff rankings will be released on Tuesday night, and there figures to be quite a bit of change since both No. 1 and No. 3 got blown out in Week 11. ESPN’s Paul Finebaum went on SportsCenter to comment on which teams would make his new top four.

The first spot for Finebaum was easy. He has Alabama sliding up to No. 1 and believes they should’ve been there from the get go.

“I think it’s going to be Alabama. I, frankly, thought they should have been there a couple of weeks ago, but Alabama will be No. 1.”

Things got a little more murky after that. Finebaum said he believes Oklahoma belongs at No. 2, thanks to the play of quarterback Baker Mayfield.

“My sense is that Oklahoma has earned a spot at No. 2 … The thing about Oklahoma I would say is Baker Mayfield has not only gotten Oklahoma to a high ranking, but has also earned the Heisman Trophy short of a failure to come.”

At No. 3, Finebaum gave the nod to the Miami Hurricanes and their famous turnover chain.

“Then you go to Miami [at No. 3]. Turnover chain or not, this program is the talk of college football right now, Michael. What else can you do? They’ve had back-to-back prime time wins.”

Finally, the ESPN analyst put the Clemson Tigers at No. 4. Finebaum even said there’s a sense Dabo Swinney’s team may be the best in the nation.

“And then finally, you go to Clemson [at No. 4]. Clemson has been able to deal with a bad loss five weeks ago to Syracuse, and many believe they could actually be the best team in the country.”

It’s difficult to see No.3 and No. 4 standing pat until the end because Miami and Clemson have both already clinched a spot in the ACC title game. The winner of that game will almost certainly seal a spot in the College Football Playoff. Alabama and Oklahoma still have tests of their own in the forms of tough opponents in the last week of the regular season and in their respective conference championship games.