Pro-life messaging vandalized at University of Florida

Students at the University of Florida vandalized pro-life messaging on campus just 48 hours before Bay Buchanan — former U.S. treasurer under President Reagan — was set to visit the campus for a talk titled, “Abortion and Feminism: the Left’s War on Women.”

Florida’s Young Americans for Freedom chapter worked extensively to promote their Tuesday event, chalking around campus and hanging up advertising flyers. “The unborn are people too” and “Abortion is murder” could be seen on sidewalks throughout campus.

During the evening hours, leftist students washed off and defaced over a dozen of YAF’s chalkings.

The next morning, as the vice chairman of the chapter, Sarah Long, was tabling, she spotted a girl ripping down a YAF poster that read, “Planned Parenthood was founded by a racist eugenicist.”

Long confronted the woman who briskly walked off with the sign.

“Why do you think it’s okay to destroy other people’s’ property, do you have anything to say about that?” Long asks.

The sign thief, who was not expecting to be caught, repeatedly ignored her questions.

“We have had this happen at several of our events, but none so severe. If universities do not start standing up for free speech, the campus climate will only get worse,” Florida YAF Chairman Daniel Weldon told the Washington Examiner.

Devin Sena (@DevinSenaUI) is a Florida based photographer and journalist.