Protecting against West Nile virus after mosquitoes trapped in B


Mosquitoes in Beaufort County have tested positive for the West Nile Virus. The county says they strategically applied public health insecticides. That should have a quick knockdown.

Mosquitoes. Usually just pesky, but now potentially deadly.

“The West Nile virus kills people doesn’t it? Yeah, I’m not trying to die no time soon,” said Christoper Latson, Home Depot Employee. “I’m a college student.

Christopher Latson is around mosquitoes every day.

“I’m always outside. Probably about 95 percent of the day I’m outside,” said Latson.

Outside but never with protection. That’s about to change. 

“I’m gonna try the best I can to keep it away from me and I can notify others. But yeah, we’re definitely gonna need to stay on top of that,” said Latson.

But there’s a few things you can do on your end to stay safe. 

Here in Savannah we often find ourselves doing – this motion – to keep the mosquitoes away. But eliminating standing water and tall grass around your home is may be more important because those are two of the top breeding areas for these bugs. 

Here are products you can purchase such as bug spray, candles, and other repellants. The manager says these products contain a substance called “deet” – which is a potent smell that unattracts mosquitoes and keeps them from biting.

Speaking of smell it’s these Unscented products that will be your best bet because mosquitoes love sweet smells. She says there’s three steps in conquering these pesky bugs, two of those crucial. 

“Prevention and protection are the number one,” said Lindsay Norcross, Manager. “Treatment should always be your last step.”

Prevention refers to getting rid of standing water and things like that. Protection is using bug spray. You simply grab a bottle, shake it and spray.

The manufacturers say, unlike sunscreen, there’s no need to rub it in after. 

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