Purdue University student receives prestigious scholarship

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI)—A Purdue University student has earned a prestigious scholarship that bridges the United States and the United Kingdom. The Marshall Scholarship awards students from the United States a chance to study in the U.K. while pursuing a graduate degree.

Abby Lemert is a Senior at Purdue majoring in Multi-Disciplinary Engineering. The major is designed for students to create their own plan of study throughout their under-graduate studies. She found out recently that her hard work over the past three and a half years culminated in the Marshall Scholarship. An honor only 40 students nation-wide receive each year.

Lemert is Purdue’s first student to be honored with the Scholarship in nearly 25 years. She plans to attend Edinbourough University for her first year, and King’s College London for her second. She said her line of academic interests led her to apply for the scholarship.

“I have always wanted to work in International Relations and International Law and Policy so from that perspective learning how to work with the United Kingdom, who are our closest ally, that is something that is so important if you want to go work in Internatinal Policy,” said Lemert.

Dr. Mary Pilotte said Lemert’s accomplishments are a product of everything she’s done while on campus.

“To see her navigate four years of education, have interesting internships, go abroad and then have her work celebrated at a global scale and an international scale makes us very proud of her,” said Pilotte.

Lemert plans on pursuing Law School after she returns from her studies in the United Kingdom. She wants to work in International and Cyber Security when she completes all of her degrees.