Racial slurs under investigation at Framingham State University

by: Jim Morelli

FRAMINGHAM, Mass. – Two racist incidents in three days are currently under investigation at Framingham State University. 

Two women say they’ve been the targets after they found racial slurs written on the door of their dorm room. 

“I feel targeted. I don’t feel safe at all,” said Eunice Bwambok, a student at FSU and one of the women targeted by the slurs. “I’m pretty hurt by it.”

The two young women who live inside the dorm room at Larned Hall at FSU say the same general slur showed up on their door for the second time since Friday. 

Eunice Bwambok and Nicole Harvey are roommates who never imagined something like this would’ve happened to them. 

“We don’t have like any problems with anybody. Like nothing has happened that we would suspect someone would do that to us,” said Harvey.

Harvey and Bwambok discovered the racial slur for the first time on Friday scrawled on a black student union flier, which had been taped up outside their dorm room door since September. 

Framingham State University tells Boston 25 News reporter Jim Morelli that “police are investigating a possible connection.”

FSU says further that “we are going to do everything within our power to determine who is responsible and hold them accountable.”

“It’s literally upstairs from my room, and I thought that was disgusting,” said Isaac Vu, a student at FSU. 

Fellow Framingham State students rallied behind the two women and showed them that, despite the disrespectful, demeaning, and disgusting slurs that were target at them, their friends stand strong with them. 

“It’s scary how people still think like that,” said Sean Toucey, a student at FSU.

“I really hope they find the person who did that because I think that sort of hate speech is just unacceptable,” said Daniel Mello, another student at FSU.

Maintenance scrubbed the racist graffiti off the dorm room door, such that you’d never know the words had been there – unless of course, you lived there.

“We really don’t know what to expect. That could happen next. If you can go that far, you can go further,” said Harvey.