Racist Email Sent to Colorado College Students

Colorado Springs police are investigating who sent a racist email to students and employees at Colorado College, KKTV reported.

The email, which contained an “extremely hurtful, white-supremacist message” according to college president Jill Tiefenthaler, was sent anonymously from an encrypted email service.

The email mentioned an incident in 2015 when Thaddeus Pryor, a Colorado student, was suspended after responding to a #blackwomenmatter hashtag on Yik Yak, writing, “They matter, they’re just not hot.”

The email also singled out two African-American deans at the college.

Tiefenthaler denounced the email in a Wednesday statement. “We fully support our colleagues who were targeted. We stand against racism and hatred and will continue to do the work to build a strong, inclusive, understanding community.”

According to Tiefenthaler, there is “much to do” in response to the incident, and “planning is beginning.” The university “will offer healing and dialogue sessions in Block 7,” Tiefenthaler wrote.