Radio signals from space coming from red dwarf star Ross 128 are ‘strange’, astronomers say

A STAR located just 11 light-years away from Earth is sending out ‘strange’ radio signals with experts saying they can’t rule out that it’s coming from aliens.

The radio signals from space appear to be coming “almost periodic” from Ross 128, a red dwarf star that’s not yet known to have any planets around it.

media_cameraProfessor Abel Mendez is an astrobiologist at the University of Puerto Rico. Picture: Twitter

Abel Mendez, an astrobiologist at the University of Puerto Rico at Arecibo, said the signals may be coming from an orbiting satellite, which could have been obstructing the view of the telescope.

“The field of view of [Arecibo] is wide enough, so there is the possibility that the signals were caused not by the star but another object in the line of sight,” Prof Mendez said, adding that “some communication satellites transmit in the frequencies we observed.”

media_cameraRed dwarf star, Ross 128, not pictured, is creating a lot of interest. Picture: AFP

However, Professor Mendez seemed to contradict himself on his personal blog, saying “we have never seen satellites emit bursts like that” and noted that the signals “very peculiar”.

He said it’s extremely unlikely that intelligent extraterrestrial life is responsible, but noted that the possibility can’t yet be ruled out.

“The SETI [Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence] groups are aware of the signals,” Dr Mendez wrote in an email to Business Insider.

Originally published as The star sending ‘strange’ radio signals

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