Roanoke College coach being actively investigated for steroid possession

by Catherine Doss & Annie Anderson

Dave Sampson works as the Belk Fitness Center Supervisor (Roanoke College)

SALEM, Va. (WSET) – A Salem man who works for Roanoke College is being investigated for possessing anabolic steroids.

David L. Sampson, known by Dave according to the Roanoke College website, works as the Supervisor for the Belk Fitness Center.

Two search warrants were issued in June, one for his home in the 1100 block of Easton Road in Salem, and the other for his office at Roanoke College.

The warrant says a Salem Police detective responded to the Belk Center on June 22 at the request of Roanoke College Campus Safety.

Campus Safety found suspicious items that employees were cleaning out of office 139 including syringes and glass vials that were labeled as anabolic steroids, according to the warrant.

The drug is listed as a schedule III controlled substance.

The warrants are listed as being issued in violation of VA Code Section 18.2-250 possession of controlled substances.

Police say Roanoke College Campus Safety officials identified that office as being Dave Sampson’s former office.

Salem Police then obtained two warrants to search Sampson’s home and his new office at Roanoke College.

According to the warrant for Sampson’s home, police were looking for “any and all evidence related to the possession and/or distribution of anabolic steroids, including but not limited to, vials, syringes, or any other containers that could contain anabolic steroids.”

Police were also searching for Sampson’s electronics to find photographic evidence of possession of the performance-enhancing drug.

Salem Police seized the several items from Sampson’s home:

  • 55 vials
  • 14 syringes
  • 14 syringe wrappers
  • 6 straws
  • 2 cellphones with cases
  • 2 prescription bottles
  • 1 USB drive
  • 1 glass pipe
  • 1 small box
  • 4 plastic bags
  • 1 plastic bag container
  • 13 vial tops
  • 1 form
  • 1 receipt
  • 1 paper with writing on it

According to the warrant, the Salem detective was advised “that it has long been rumored that Sampson had been using and/or administering anabolic steroids.”

The following was seized from Sampson’s office:

  • 15 vials
  • 1 vial with a yellow cap
  • 1 plastic bottle
  • 7 red capsules
  • 1 USB drive
  • 1 piece of mail
  • 1 DMV form

Salem Police say the investigation is active and ongoing.

They say Sampson has not been arrested or charged.