Rockhurst University hosts competition to build toy cars for mob


LEARN Science and Math Club and Rockhurst University are partnering up for its Geeks vs.Geeks competition where they will modify battery-powered cars for children with disabilities.

High school students will partner up with college students, engineers and other techies to modify the battery powered cars.

From a button on the steering wheel, a child can use to start the car instead of using a pedal, to a five-point harness, teams participating in the challenge will customize each car to adhere to the child’s disability.

This gives the kids independent control over what they do and where they go expanding their world with opportunities.

“Socially, it engages others with them and gives them a way to actively participate and play and frankly it makes them cool,” said Rebecca Kidwell, head of the Geek vs. Geek competition.

Kidwell says there are around 500,000 American kids that don’t have a way to get around on their own, limiting their social and physical development.

“Until 5, they aren’t eligible for an electric wheelchair and they cost about $17,000 each,” Kidwell said.

The hope is that these cars will be a driving force in making a difference in each kid’s life.

They are still looking for build teams as well as families who would like to sign up to have a car like this built for their child. 

Though Tuesday night is the kickoff for Geeks vs. Geeks, people are eligible to continue to register to be a part of the team to mentor or to sign-up for a car.

The cars are free to the families of children ages 2-12 that need them. 

LEARN is looking for would-be “super geeks” as well as kids who need a car. Geeks can sign up for the Kickoff at And, parents can request a car for their child at

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