Rocky Mountain College sees boost in new, transfer student numbers | Local

Rocky Mountain College saw a 7.5 percent increase in new and transfer students this fall, with its overall enrollment just slightly down from last year, Austin Mapston, dean of enrollment services said Friday.

Figures from the National Center for Education Statistics indicate that both public and private colleges have seen a slow decline in enrollment since 2010.

The private four-year Billings college enrolled 300 new and transfer students, 21 more than fall 2016, Mapston said.

“We saw a pretty nice jump over last year,” he said.

The total number of undergraduate students is 887, two more than last year. Combined with graduate students, the total enrollment is 994, six less than last fall.

While Rocky officials are pleased to see the boost in the number of new and transfer students, Mapston said, the college is continuing in its efforts both to attract new students and to keep those already enrolled.

“We’re focusing on academic program development, while also focusing on retention efforts and enhancing the value of the overall student experience,” he said.

Montana State University Billings, with its later start date, won’t have final enrollment figures until later in September.