Sacred Heart University Student Held Without Bail Accused of Stockpiling Weapons, Impersonating Cop

A Sacred Heart University student is being held without bail in Massachusetts, accused of stockpiling weapons and impersonating a police officer.

Police in Duxbury, Massachusetts issued an arrest warrant for Christopher Barlow, 20, and arrested him Monday at his home on Back River Way after a lengthy investigation that involved Massachusetts State Police, Connecticut State Police, the FBI and Homeland Security.

Police said authorities found a illegal weapons and fake federal IDs at his home and in his vehicle, as a result of a search warrant. They also discovered a cardboard box containing chemicals that can be used to make explosives.

“Very troubling that a young man, an unlicensed individual, had that type of weaponry,” said Duxbury Deputy Police Chief Stephen McDonald.

At his arraignment Tuesday in Plymouth District Court, prosecutors said a family member of Barlow’s had handed over one of his guns to police earlier this month. Barlow wanted it back so he allegedly used a a fake Homeland Security ID to try and trick police.

“He refused to provide any information in regards to who his supervisor was and also would not allow them to copy the ID,” said Elizabeth Mello, Plymouth County Assistant District Attorney.

NBC Boston learned that Barlow was arrested during his EMT shift with Brewster Ambulance. The company released a statement saying that he has been removed from his shift and placed on unpaid leave pending an internal investigation.

“We are working with authorities and assisting law enforcement during their investigation including any patient contact. We are taking this very seriously,” read a statement from Johnathon Bobbitt-Miller, Shift Commander for Brewster Ambulance.

Barlow is being held without bail pending a dangerous hearing Wednesday.

Published 4 hours ago