Salisbury University Celebrates Carillon Bells

SALISBURY, Md.- A ceremony and concert is being held at Salisbury University celebrating the new carillon bells. The bells have been installed over the past several weeks.

A total of 48 bells, weighing 20 tons, have a four range octave. Salisbury University is the only university in the state of Maryland to have carillon bells. There are fewer than 200 bells in the United States.  

Carillonneur, Joey Brink, from the University of Chicago is performing the dedication concert tonight at 7:30.

“This is probably one of the if not the most exciting performance that i’ve had in my career. I’m beyond excited to be here,” Brink said.

Brink regularly tours around Europe and the United States playing the bells. He originally learned to play them during his time as an undergrad at Yale University. This is his first time playing at an inaugural recital.

“The bells here are much longer sounding, they’re sweeter they produce a more resonate sound,” Brink said.

Some students at the university are excited to welcome the unique instrument.

“If Salisbury has them, it brings more people here because it means we have something others don’t,” Senior Dayoalexander Adegbite said.

One music major, Julian Nelson, explains that it would be great to be able to work with the bells during his time at school.

“Change it up with different songs, so you’ll have one song and then oh, another song on Tuesday. You know change it up,” Nelson.