San Antonio airport ‘in the process of restoring operations’ after fights delayed

SAN ANTONIO – After all commercial flights were suspended at the San Antonio International Airport due to an aircraft reportedly got stuck on the edge of a runway in the mud, the airport posted on Facebook that they are in the process of restoring normal operations. They ask for passengers to contact their airline to check the status of operations.

The incident happened just before 10 a.m. Saturday after American Airlines Flight 2214, which was bound for Dallas-Fort Worth, veered off the edge of Runway 13-Right after takeoff.

In a statement to KENS 5, Federal Aviation Administration spokesperson Lynn Lunsford said passengers exited the aircraft by a stairway and no injuries have been reported. A Facebook post from the San Antonio International Airport reported 38 passengers and six crew members were bused back to the terminal.

The runway will remain closed until crews are able to safely clear the aircraft from the runway vicinity, in collaboration with American Airlines, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), according to Facebook. FAA investigators are on the way to the location, and the National Transportation Safety Board was also notified.

At the time of the incident, the airport’s other commercial aircraft runway was closed for scheduled construction associated with adjacent taxiways and intersections, according to Facebook. After the incident, the airport pursued the option to re-open the closed runway with the FAA and construction crews. With FAA’s approval, crews are currently on scene securing the construction activity and ensuring the runway can be safety used by other airplanes. According to Facebook, the airport will reopen the second runway as soon as they can ensure its safe operation.

A KENS 5 viewer reported that their flight coming into SAT was diverted to Austin. They then rented a car and drove back home to San Antonio because of the incident.

In a Facebook post, @SATairport wrote: “Flights are currently being delayed at San Antonio International Airport. Information updates will be posted via social media as they become available. Please contact your airline directly regarding changes in your flight.”

There is no word yet about when the flights will resume.

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