Sarah Huckabee Sanders Slams Media in White House Briefing

(NEW YORK) — President Trump’s press aide Sarah Huckabee Sanders urged all Americans to watch an online video posted by a conservative provocateur with a CNN producer commenting on his network’s coverage of Trump’s connections to Russia.

Sanders, in the White House briefing, called producer John Bonifield’s statements a disgrace to journalism. In the hidden camera video posted by James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas, Bonifield is heard to say that the story was getting extensive coverage because it is good for the ratings.

Sanders said, “if the media can’t be truthful and report the news, then that’s a dangerous place for America.”

During her briefing, she did not take any question from CNN correspondent Jeff Zeleny.

The video of Bonifield was released after three CNN journalists resigned Monday following the network’s retraction of a story Friday about a supposed investigation into a pre-inaugural meeting between a Trump associate and the head of a Russian investment fund.

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