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People are walking around a bank and an old lady walks up to the counter. She slides a paper over, and she’s told her account is closed. The only lady pulls back her hood to show that she’s been infected with the virus. She takes a ton of money and heads out onto the street where it is utter chaos. Thousands are infected.

The swat team gets ready to head into the street as some of the infected start to take over the station. Jim is in the bathroom, looking at the mirror, trying to fight what’s inside him. Harvey checks in on him. Harvey says he needs to take his gun away just to be safe. The other officers are jumpy and he doesn’t want anyone hurting jim. They don’t know where Lee went, and Jim thinks she’s waiting for him to give himself over to the virus.

Bruce is in an interrogation cell, with Alfred looking on from outside. Alfred assures Jim and Harvey that it’s really Bruce, not the clone. He needs to make Bruce remember who he is. Lucius comes to get Harvey and Jim. In another room, he informs them that there is a possible cure, and Strange was the one designing it. Harvey tells him that Strange is gone.They’re heading to the train station to find him. Lucius tells Harvey that Jim will have a hard time fighting the virus.

It’s a mad house at the station, as everyone is trying to leave the city. Strange is there, and he’s stopped by Fish Mooney. She says “The fun has just begun.” Her men grab Strange.

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The city is taring itself apart, and Riddler is watching it happen from a window high up. Barbara joins him and they talk about the Court. Barbara wants the two of them to work together so they can consolidate power and run Gotham. She proposes a plan where they kill Penguin and then run the city. He agrees to work together for one day.

Strange is pleading with Fish to spare him, but she isn’t going to hurt him. She wants some horror for herself. He says it has all been used, but she wants more. She wants to take the city as well, and she threatens Strange into helping her. They leave the station just as Jim and Harvey arrive. Lee calls them and says she’s hanging out somewhere that’s very familiar to him. He wants her turn herself in, while she tries to convince him to “be free”. She tells him to listen to the whispers. They will lead him to her and tell him who he is. She says they’re catch up soon, and hangs up the phone.

Harvey tells Jim someone sport Strange. He gives Jim the gun back and they take off underground. They run into Fish with Strange and her men. Jim orders them to hand Strange over, and Strange tells everyone that Jim has the virus too. Fish mocks Jim, he raises his gun, and Mr. Freeze blasts it with his ray. They get into a fight, Freeze blocks them with a wall of ice, and Fish’s army leaves.

Bruce and Alfred sit across from each other in the interrogation room. Alfred tries to talk with Bruce, telling him that they can go to Switzerland. Bruce is only angry with Alfred, saying that he killed the best friend teacher he ever had. Alfred said the Shaman and the Court lied to him, seduced him. Bruce fires back and said they did more for him than Alfred ever did. He says the Court only paved the way for “The one who is to come.” Alfred asks who it is that’s coming.

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Firefly and Freeze debate what they can do to hurt Strange, who is sitting in front of them. They threaten to burn/freeze his feet. Penguin is sitting nearby and he tells Strange all about how his “children” wish to kill him. He says Fish Mooney has evolved, and that she has a vision for Gotham. One for the freaks and the outcasts. He says Strange will help them achieve that. His antidote is worth more than anything. They’re going to demand half of the city in exchange for the antidote. Strange refuses to give it up. Penguin reveals the torture device from Arkham and puts it on Strange, then he turns it on.

Jim and Harvey are still iced in. Jim starts punching the ice, breaking it down with his virus-strength. The more he punches, the more control he starts to lose. He gets through and they walk out. Jim rips the door off of Harvey’s car, and Harvey asks to let him drive.

At the station, Alvarez is infected and he kills another officer.

Bruce wants Alfred to leave him alone, but he’s not going to do that. He tells Bruce that he just wants him to remember who he is. He tells Bruce that nothing the Shaman did for him was real. Not even the revenge Bruce got for his parents’ murder. Alfred starts telling Bruce stories about his parents, saying that’s what’s real. The Shaman took away that pain, but there is no love without pain. Alfred says he loves Bruce, and that he’d die for him. Bruce needs to find that love again so he can come back. Men are shouting outside in the station, and Alfred gets up to see what’s happening. Bruce sees a pen in Alfred’s jacket.

Alvarez is shooting people all over, Alfred tries to stop him, and Lucius helps take Alvarez down. When they go back into the room, Bruce is gone.

At the club, Tabitha and Butch are talking. Butch says, with Penguin and Barbara choosing their sides, this is the time for the two of them to have their chance. He wants to betray Barbara, but Tabitha won’t. They both see Lee at the bar. Butch approaches her and she says that she has time to kill while her ex sees the light. Lee wants to know where Barbara is. She insults Butch, calling him an Errand boy. He tries to kick her out and she pushes him back across the room. She wants to know where Barbara is. She plans to kill her next time she sees her.

Bruce walks through the fire-filled streets. People are murdering one another, and the military is starting to comb through. Alfred and Lucius are following him from a distance.

Fish, Penguin, Freeze, Firefly, and Strange enter a warehouse/ meat freezer where Strange keeps the antidote. In a few vials, he has enough to cure every person in Gotham. Fish says she and Penguin Penguin will rule the city. As they exit, her two bodyguards lie dead on the floor. Ninja-like men appear from the ceiling. She pull out swords and demand the antidote. A fight begins.

Harvey and Jim are heading to find them, and Jim is having trouble keeping himself sane.

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As the fight continues, Jim and Harvey arrive. Jim begins to throw the warriors around, killing a few of them with their own swords. He shoves one through the last man and then puts a sword through Fish, and she drops the antidote vials. They all break but one. Penguin rushes to her side, but she says it’s over. As Fish dies, she tells Penguin to make the city his, or burn it do the ground. Fish Mooney is gone.

Everyone, including a now-calm Jim is shocked. Penguin calls him the real monster. Jim picks Penguin up by his neck, saying he’s right, but Harvey knocks Jim out. The other police arrive, Harvey orders them to arrest everyone, and he asks Strange about making more of the antidote. Strange says he can do it, but he just needs “one thing.”

A car blocks the street where a bus is coming. Tabitha and Butch stop the bus, kill the driver, and free Tetch who is inside. Barbara and Riddler organized the breakout to stop the GCPD from getting him. He says the Mad Hatter is the cure to controlling Gotham. Barbara says “Let’s make Gotham bad.”

Bruce sees a red door with a dragon on it, and he hears the Shaman in his head. He enters and explores inside. He opens another door, this one hidden, on the inside. He enters and it closes behind him. As he walks down the stairs, he finds that he is in a similar corridor to the one he was being kept in before. Someone else is there with him.

Outside, Alfred and Lucius reach the red door. Alfred goes in alone, telling Lucius to tell someone where they are.

Downstairs, more of the ninja-like men surround Bruce. One points him to another door, and the others part to let him through. He enters the door, and a glowing pool is inside. It looks like it could be a lazarus pit. Someone talks to him, saying not to touch that. The same person told him that the Shaman fulfilled his purpose by destroying the Court of Owls. As the man comes out of the shadows, he tells Bruce that he is the one the Shaman sent him to find. He is The Demon’s Head. He is R’as al Ghul.

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al Ghul asks Bruce what he’s doing, and Bruce says that he wants to complete his training. R’as says he’s been alive more years than Bruce can imagine. In all his years, there is one thing he has never found – a true heir. Bruce says he’s ready, but R’as argues back. He says Bruce failed because he didn’t release the virus on his own. But he will give Bruce another chance to finish his task.

Two ninjas bring in Alfred, R’as hits him. He tells Bruce to kill Alfred in order to complete his training. He hands Bruce a sword, saying, “Join me and fulfill your destiny.” Bruce holds the sword to Alfred, but Alfred says he’s wrong. He says that’s destiny is to be Bruce Wayne. Alfred talks about being with Bruce as a baby, and swearing to his parents that he would care for him always. At that moment, he decided that he would do anything for Bruce.

“If this is what you need to do Master Bruce, you crack on. You do it.”

Bruce shoves the sword through Alfred’s chest.

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End of Part 1

Bruce stares at Alfred, while his sword is still in his chest. He has visions of R’as, and then snaps out of his trances. He pulls the sword out, killing Alfred. He tells Bruce that he broke through his conditioning, and that’s impressive. Bruce says he can’t be controlled anymore, and that he will never be the heir. R’as laughs, saying that the prophecy is all the more true now. Bruce will become his “Knight in the darkness.” Bruce screams at R’as saying, “you made me kill Alfred!” R’as appears behind bruce and tells him, “use the waters. Our time will come.” When Bruce swings the sword, it hits an empty robe that falls to the ground. Bruce stares at the water, grabs a bowl and fills it, then pours the water onto Alfred’s wound. Alfred wakes up, Alive.

A TV at the GCPD talks about the continued spread of the virus. Jim’s phone rings, it’s Lee. He wants to know where she is, and she says she’s leaving Gotham. She wants him to join her. She says they deserve it. She is leaving on the afternoon train, and she wants the real Jim to come with her. He says he’ll be there.

Harvey says Riddler and Barbara have offered a list of demands in exchange for Tetch. All of the demands though could bankrupt the city. Jim says there is one move left to play – they can offer Penguin to Riddler. It’s the only thing he wants. The two argue about it, as Harvey doesn’t want to but Jim shows his force. He knows he doesn’t have much time before losing control.

Nygma gets a call from Jim, and he speaks in private away from Barbara. At the bar, Butch keeps trying to convince Tabitha that they need to kill Barbara. She wants to wait until they get the money from the city. Barbara arrives and says that they’re about to own the town, before realizing that Riddler is gone. He took Tetch with him. Barbara blames Butch and Tabitha for the escape, and throws a fit. She leaves to find Riddler.

Jim and Harvey are taking Penguin to meet Riddler, and he tries to talk his way out. It doesn’t work.

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Harvey, Jim and Penguin arrive by the docks for the meet-up. Harvey takes the handcuffs off of Penguin before leading him inside a warehouse. Riddler is waiting with Tetch, who has a grenade hanging from his neck. This is a precaution from Riddler to prevent something from going south. Barbara and her crew arrive, guns raised. Someone in GCPD tipped her off about the exchange. Riddler takes the grenade off Tetch and throws it at Barbara. A firefight ensues. Penguin and Riddler chase each other outside where Penguin knocks the latter out. He puts Riddler in the police car and escapes. Harvey and Jim have Tetch, but no ride.

At a crowded hospital, Bruce accompanies Alfred who is being wheeled in by nurses. A doctor looks at his wound and notices it has been taken care of t an extant, but he has no idea how. Bruce says that they’re family, just as Alfred is being taken into surgery.

Barbara and her crew have chases Jim and Harvey into an automobile factory. They creep around looking for the cops. Teach tells Jim that next time he gives in to the virus, it’ll take over. Harvey says there is no way out. Jim is fighting the virus but has a moment of clarity. He says they don’t need “all of” Tetch. There’s a scream, Barbara finds Tetch and realizes that Jim slit his throat, taking his blood.

Jim and Harvey arrive back at GCPD and hand the lab tech a mason jar filled with Tetch’s blood. Harvey turns around to see the virus taking over Jim.

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Riddler wakes up in the back of the car, and Penguin says that he’s improvising with his new plan. He adds that this is a moment of “pure joy” and he gloats a bit. He’s making Riddler angry by telling him he got the upper-hand. Riddler takes something out of the car’s seat to pick his handcuff lock.

Barbara is taking all of the money from her club, planning to go to the safe house, while Butch tries to fight back. After she leaves, he tells Tabitha that they’re going to kill her at the safe house. She kisses him after saying they’ll kill Barbara together.

In the GCPD locker room, Jim is losing it. Harvey says the antidote is almost ready. The lab techs say that they have a dose ready for him now, while the rest will be ready shortly. He says he needs two, but they say they can’t make more for a couple of hours. Jim runs off to try and get to Lee.

Bruce waits in the hospital and Selina shows up to talk with him. She heard about Alfred and came to check on him. Bruce won’t answer her questions and tries to get her to leave. He says she wouldn’t understand because she doesn’t believe in anything or anyone but herself. She says that it’s called surviving. They realize they don’t understand each other like they thought, and Selina leaves.

Jim walks in to Lee’s study, and he’s still fighting off the virus. He pulls out the antidote, but she stops him. She wants him, with all of his darkness, and she tells him to give in. They kiss, he drops the needle, and she crushes it with her foot.

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Penguin drives along in the police car, and Riddler manages to free himself from his cuffs in the back without Penguin noticing. They debate about their egos, and Riddler says that Penguin will continue to fail because he throws tantrums based on his emotions. Penguin stops the car and tells Riddler he’s going to kill him. They both end up on the street, and Riddler points the gun and Penguin. “At least I know who I am,” says Penguin. He says the entire Riddler persona is based on a lie because he didn’t die by the river that day. Riddler says that maybe he can change that.

At the busy train station, Jim and Lee walk in, killing a guard on the way. Harvey runs through everyone trying to catch them. Lee kisses Jim and tells him to stop Harvey. She gets on the train, and Harvey pulls a gun on Jim. Harvey says that this isn’t who Jim is, but Jim disagrees and puts Harvey on the ground. Harvey pulls out a badge, tells him that’s who he really is. “If you love Lee, go save her.”

Back on the train, as Lee stands up to give the tickets to the taker, Jim sees two needles with the antidote on the back of his badge. He tells Lee he loves her, and then gives her the cure. She collapses, asking what he’s done. He then takes her hand, and injects himself. The two pass out on the seat.

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Butch is loading the trunk with the tools to kill and dispose of Barbara, but she appears behind him. She’s caught him in the act. Butch says if it wasn’t for Tabitha, he would’ve done the deed already, claiming she had nothing to do with it. Barbara has a gun pointed at Butch. He says that she misses Tabitha’s loyalty and strength, and Barbara never deserved her in the first place. Barbara shoots him in the head, killing him instantly.  “I guess we’ll see.”

Bruce sits at Alfred’s bedside in the hospital. He tells Alfred – who isn’t awake yet – that he needs to fight and pull through. “I don’t know what I would do without you. Please don’t leave me.”

Riddler takes Penguin back to the dock where he failed to kill him the first time. He walks Penguin out to the end of the dock, and says he’s going to kill him now. Penguin keeps messing with him, saying that this won’t be the end. Riddler says goodbye, pulls the trigger, but it’s empty. Penguin pulls the bullets out of his pocket.

“I removed the bullets, while you were knocked out. Before I called them.” Riddler turns around to see Ivy and Mr. Freeze, walking up behind him. Penguin says that it was his tie-pin sitting in the backseat was left there on purpose. It was all part of the plan. If  Barbara hadn’t shown up in the warehouse, he’d probably be dead already. “But fortune favors the bold.” Penguin knew that Riddler would bring him to the docks. He says Riddler is driven by something very predictable, so it was easy.

“You are the one time I let love weaken me. And I want you around as a constant reminder to never let that happen again.”

Mr. Freeze blasts Riddler, caging him in ice.

Tabitha arrives at the safe house, calling for Barbara and Butch. She finds a small briefcase on the table, with her replacement hand inside. As she’s looking at it, Barbara arrives. She pulls a gun on Tabitha, and says Butch told her that she had nothing to do with wanting to kill her. She wants to know if they can put this all behind them and move forward. Tabitha asks if she killed Butch, Barbara says yes, but that Tabitha didn’t give her a choice.

Tabitha says that there is always a choice, and she throws the hand at Barbara. The takes the whip from her belt, and the two begin to fight. Tabitha puts Barbara up against the wall and kisses her. Barbara then head-butts her and gets away momentarily, only to get put on the wall once again. Tabitha is choking her out, but Barbara takes off an earring and stabs her with it. In a stand-off, Tabitha pulls a spotlight down to the floor that’s covered in water. It electrocutes Barbara and she falls to the ground, lifeless.

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A TV in the hospital says that the antidote was a success, curing 90% of those infected. Alfred wakes up, and Bruce apologizes for what happened. He says he doesn’t know who he is, who he’s supposed to be. Alfred says he can’t help with that one. He’s a man now, and he needs to find his own path. Alfred says he’s been through dark places too, and that Bruce needs to find his “True North”. Bruce has always been his True North, something he’s eternally cared about above all else. Once Bruce finds that, he’ll never be lost again. Bruce looks at the TV, hearing the woman talk about the virus and the after effects.

Selina walks in Barbara’s and finds Tabitha. She tells Selina that Barbara won’t be around anymore. Selina says she wants more from life, wants to move up. The two say they want to figure things out, and that they will go for some food. Selina notices Tabitha’s whip, and she tries it out. She is a natural with it.

Penguin reveals a drawing to Ivy, saying it’s the logo for his new club, “The Iceberg Lounge.” He then says the draw will be the centerpiece attraction, and stares up at something.

Jim walks into Lee’s house, calling for her, but he only finds a letter with his name on it. She says that she’s leaving Gotham, because she doesn’t belong there. As she reads the letter aloud, Penguin is seen looking at his piece, and it’s revealed to be Riddler, frozen in a block of ice. Tabitha and Selina leave Barbara’s.

Butch is lying on a bed, with a bandage on his head where the bullet hit him. He’s not dead, but there is a tube going into his throat and he seems braindead. Two doctors stand over him talking, and they bring up his file. They reveal that his real name is Cyrus Gold (who becomes Solomon Grundy in the DC comics).

Lee’s voice-over continues, saying that the virus offers Gotham hope. Bruce sees the victims of the virus on the TV. Lee’s voice says, “It’s a chance to remember who we can be.”

Lee is seen getting on the train, and her letter tells Jim that he’s the man who can save Gotham, and perhaps Gotham can save him. Maybe he will get sent back to her in the future.

Harvey takes some pills in his office. Jim comes in and refers to him as “Captain”. The two talk about everything that happened in the train station, and Jim apologizes. He tells Harvey that Lee has left Gotham, but that he will eventually be okay. They leave to get a drink, and Harvey says that Tetch was patched up by some doctors and sent back to Arkham. Jim wants to get back to being a normal detective again, and they leave the office. They joke together as they exit.

A man, his wife, and his daughter walk down an empty street at night. A mugger pulls a gun on them, asking for all their money to be handed over. Someone comes from the shadows, beats the man, and runs back into a nearby alley. The camera pans to a ledge on the next building, and a black, cloaked figure stands on the edge, overlooking the street. The figure pulls off his mask, and Bruce is underneath.

As the camera zooms out, bruce is standing over the entire city, and a spotlight waves between the buildings ahead of him.


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