Semitrailer crashes into yard in Missoula’s University neighborhood | Local

Semitrailer crashes into yard in Missoula’s University neighborhood | Local |

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A semitrailer truck crashed into a homeowner’s yard in a residential neighborhood in Missoula on Friday afternoon but miraculously it appears that nobody was seriously hurt.

The wreck occurred just after 2 p.m. and was at the corner of South Fifth Street East and Gerald Avenue.

Police and firefighters were on the scene and traffic was blocked on the one-way Fifth Street.

Jen Elison was nearby when the accident happened.

“I was working in my office a few houses down and just heard this amazing crash,” she said. “Apparently the driver blacked out, and the truck went right between two trees somehow and over the sidewalk and through this beautiful iron fence.”

Elison said the crash was extremely loud. The driver appeared to have escaped without serious injuries.

“This is usually a busy sidewalk but thankfully there were no pedestrians or skateboarders right there,” Elison said.

Missoula Police Department spokesperson Travis Welsh said the adult male driver was transported by ambulance to a hospital, but his condition or extent of injuries was unknown. The investigation is underway.

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