Shorter University employee accuses boss of sexual battery, intimidation

by: Carl Willis

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ROME, Ga. – Police are investigating allegations of sexual battery and intimidation at a local university.

Channel 2’s Carl Willis learned Wednesday night that the victim is the director of campus safety.

Rome police confirmed to Willis that they are looking into allegations of sexual battery and harassment on the campus of Shorter University. 

The director of campus safety said her supervisor went too far and then proceeded to intimidate her at every turn.
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The director of campus safety, Paula Penson, said her supervisor went too far and then proceeded to intimidate her at every turn. 

Penson said she didn’t want her face shown, but wants everyone to know about what she says happened to her on campus.

“Because everyone turned a blind eye,” Penson told Willis.  

She reported to Rome police that over the summer her direct supervisor, Corey Humphries, committed sexual battery during an early morning workout in the campus’ fitness center. 

“He was wanting to help me stretch so he tried to massage my leg. Things got a little bit further than my leg,” Penson said.  


She said she left, and stopped working out with Humphries. Soon after, she said Humphries began verbally harassing and intimidating her.

“The man stared me down. If looks could kill, I would be dead,” Penson said. 

Penson, a former Floyd County deputy, has been with Shorter University since 2004 and director of campus safety since 2010. 

She’s also a Title IX investigator and told Willis that the university botched procedure by allowing Humphries to remain on campus.

In a statement, a Shorter University representative said:

“Shorter followed its standard policy, which is to initiate an investigation and to separate the employees involved.”

Penson said she was told that Humphries resigned Wednesday, but a former co-worker said that doesn’t go far enough.

“I think him resigning lets him off easy,” that person told Willis, asking not to be identified. “If this can’t follow him to his next job, and people aren’t aware of that, people will never know.” 

Penson told Willis that the university should have put Humphries on administrative leave and treated her like a victim.

“I will not stop with this until everyone tells the truth, speaks out, and does the right thing,” Penson said. 

Willis contacted a university spokesperson to confirm the resignation. They would only say they don’t comment on personnel matters. 

Emails and phone calls to Humphries for comment on this story have not been returned.