SNES Classic Pre-Orders Celebrated with New Ad

The system is available Sept. 29.

Welcome back to the ’90s.

Hot on the heels of its new Mini SNES system’s preorders being available for purchase, gaming giant Nintendo has released a retro trailer for the throwback console in the vein of ads for the original rollout of the Super Nintendo in 1990.

Featuring VHS-style video quality and a ton of classic plastic game cartridges being poured into a blinking, smoking machine, the trailer shows off the new mini system’s 20-plus games — including Donkey Kong Country, Street Fighter 2, Super Mario Kart and neverbeforereleased Star Fox 2 — the ad invites viewers to “go back in time” with the new console. 

Along with a rocking, early ’90s soundtrack and Nintendo Power font aesthetics, the new trailer also showcases HD gameplay, new features such as saving at any time and hopping between titles, two controllers and a $80 price point.

Good luck beating the crowds at your local Gamestop to lock down a preorder, however, as throngs of Nintendo fanatics swarmed the stores Tuesday to get their hands on a coveted preorder slip.

The system is available Sept. 29.

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