Steve Kerr says Warriors haven’t decided on White House visit

Should they stay or should they go?

Warriors coach Steve Kerr told ESPN no decision about a trip to the White House has been made yet following their NBA Championship win in June.

“We will meet as a team to discuss it and make a decision,” Kerr said.

The NBA champions haven’t received an invite to the White House yet and they’re not sure if they’d accept if a visit was an option. Normally the league acts as a liason to schedule the visit, but there hasn’t been anything from the Trump administration yet.

Kevin Durant won’t visit White House if Warriors are invited

Kerr said he’s had conversations with some players over the summer, but wants everyone to come together to discuss it before going forward with their choice. He also said the league won’t force his hand on a decision because they know it’s up to the team.

The Warriors coach previously said the Warriors should think twice before skipping out on a White House visit.

In June, Kerr told The Mercury News’ Tim Kawakami the team has yet to meet about going, but maybe it would do some good if they went.

The Patriots previously met with President Donald Trump at the White House following their Super Bowl win this year.

The Patriots previously met with President Donald Trump at the White House following their Super Bowl win this year.

(Andrew Harnik/AP)

“I would want to make sure the players gave this really a lot of thought. And everybody knows I’ve been a very outspoken critic of Trump, and as a result, maybe we won’t even get the invitation,” Kerr said. “But I do think it’s very important to consider a potential invitation because I think it could have really positive ramifications if we did go.”

Steve Kerr: It may be good idea for Warriors to visit White House

Kerr and several Warriors players have spoken out against President Donald Trump in the past.

Kevin Durant told ESPN in August he has no plans of going to the White House if the Warriors were to get an invite because he doesn’t “respect” who’s in office right now.

“I feel ever since he’s got into office, or since he ran for the presidency, our country has been so divided, and it’s not a coincidence. When (Barack) Obama was in office, things were looking up. We had so much hope in our communities where I come from because we had a black president, and that was a first,” Durant said. “So to see that and to be where we are now, it just felt like we took a turn for the worse, man. It all comes from who is in the administration.”

Since Trump became president in January, the Super Bowl champion Patriots and World Series champion Cubs have made the trip to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

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