Syracuse University students form RecognizeUS and plan to enforce demands of circulating petition

Do a quick search for RecognizeUS on the Internet and you’ll likely find an online form circulating titled, “Syracuse University Petition.”

The group formed after the latest Theta Tau video controversy. Now these students are meeting to plan how they will enforce the demands of their petition.  

“As everyone knows, these aren’t the only demands. Put them out there as quickly as we can, have them meet those ones and when and if they meet those ones, we’ll have more,” said RecognizeUS Media Co-chair Quincy Nolan.

Six demands are outlined for the university– all with the deadline of being met and implemented by this September. 

They include mandatory diversity and implicit bias training for students and staff– including Chancellor Kent Syverud– a cluster hire of diverse staff to the campus, and more. 

“And we did our best to make this a collaborative effort to have everyone’s voice heard who wanted to share,” said Nolan.

Though this is not the first time a student-led organization has provided a list of demands to the current chancellor’s office. 

In 2014, Syverud’s first year, “The General Body” was formed. The group held a week-long sit in at the office and protested with a list of demands- which were not met by the administration. 

“I can’t go back and critique the general body, they were doing the same thing we are- learning as we go. We are students, we aren’t professional activists, at least not yet,” said Nolan. 

RecognizeUS says they are grateful for the work done by The General Body, and will continue to strive to have their demands met, no matter what. 

“Just know we’re not going anywhere. We have plans for longevity, for as long as it takes and we’re prepared for it to take a long time,” said Nolan.