The second trailer for Game of Thrones season 7

The second official trailer for Game of Thrones season 7 has dropped, and the internet is aflame.

As trailers go, this was one of the best. The cinematography and action sequences were on point, as we got glimpses of all the major players. Using the magic of GIFs, we’ve cobbled together some of our favorite scenes. Away we go.

We start the trailer with some badass Sansa slow-motion walking.

At the Wall, Sansa’s brother Bran and his taxi girlfriend pal Meera wait to be allowed entry into Castle Black.

Farther north, Jon and his pals prepare to fight for their right to party.

In King’s Landing, crowds gather…

…and Cersei appears to be in a dungeon of some sort. Visiting a certain Septa, perhaps?

At Dragonstone, Dany has a walk around Painted Table, contemplating her imminent conquest of the Seven Kingdoms.

Staying at Dragonstone, some folks depart on the beach.

Here’s your obligatory Arya shot.

Jaime walks with a purpose…

…while Dany walks purposefully.

When she gets inside, Dany tears down Stannis’ old banner. Rude.

Meanwhile, her three dragons practice aerial maneuvers outside.

Tyrion watches, still impressed.

On the high seas, Theon watches his fleet burn…probably. Something’s burning.

Is this Grey Worm leading his Unsullied through a super secret sewer entrance at Casterly Rock?

Brienne and Pod arrive at Winterfell, looking happy to be there.

The Hound looks flustered.

An Unsullied falls dead.

The Lannister army does a poor job of stopping a Dothraki cavalry charge.

Back on the high-seas, Yara jumps ship.

In a field, Jaime and Bronn oversee the Lannister bowmen as they fire off arrows. Fat chance of bringing down a dragon like that.

In the North, Bran wargs into a flock of ravens, and the Night King takes notice. Also, Bran is in front of the Winterfell weirwood tree! At least Meera won’t have to drag him around anymore now that he’s got that new fancy chair.

And now, we take a break from our regularly scheduled GIF-cast to bring you the most badass thing ever seen on Game of Thrones.


Moving on, Euron Greyjoy apparently built his thousand ships, and he’s taking them to King’s Landing.

This next GIF sort of proves the theory that the Unsullied will sneak through that super-secret sewer tunnel and storm Casterly Rock — notice that a few of them open the gate from the inside.

And now we pause, yet again, to bring you the second most badass thing ever seen on Game of Thrones.

Back on Dragonstone, Dany looks askance at something.

And back on the high seas, Theon almost gets blown to bits.

Tormund goes ham.

Drogon lets out a mighty roar as he soars into battle alongside Dany’s Dothraki horde. Notice tiny little Daenerys sitting on top of him.

Another glimpse at this sea battle — things are not looking good for Theon and Yara.

The Lannister army prepares for battle…

…while Jon and his company seem to be overwhelmed by the army of the dead.

Grey Worm and Missandei share a tender moment.

Tyrion practices his shocked face.

The Hound draws his sword.

And in the midst of all this action, Jon and Davos have a talk at Dragonstone.

Jon fights a White Walker…who uses the same weapon and moves as the other White Walker Jon killed at Hardhome. C’mon, now.

Those crazy Dothraki ride through dragon flames.

Theon collapses in a heap of despair on the beach at Dragonstone…

…probably because Uncle Euron kicked his ass at sea.

Dany has Drogon intimidate someone (Pssst: It’s totally Jon).

Jon and his group (I’m assuming) get encircled…so they form a circle.

Jon gets to escape on horseback.

But before he goes, he gives the undead a superhero pose. Jon’s good at that.

And that’s that! Without a doubt, this was one of the best trailers I’ve ever seen for the show.

What did you think of the trailer? Sound off below!

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