the universities to attend to become a top CEO

Want to become a high-powered chief executive with a six-figure salary? You’re best bet is to go to Harvard University, which has produced six CEOs of the current top 100 companies in the US and Britain, more than any other rival institution.

If Harvard’s entry requirements are unachievable, the universities of Cambridge, Oxford, Cornell, Michigan, Imperial College London and Texas A&M all have track records of creating bosses of FTSE 100 and Fortune 100 companies.

But students don’t necessarily need to attend one of the world’s most prestigious universities to increase their chances of becoming a top businessman or woman.

South Africa’s Natal University and San Diego State University, both ranked between 401 and 500 of the top 1,000 universities in the Times Higher Education 2018 world university rankings, have each produced two top company bosses.