The University of Utah Installed a ‘Cry Closet’ for Stressed Students During Finals Week

Cry Closet Promo

Ah, college. That wonderful place where we whiled away the hours chugging beer at the frat house, playing ultimate frisbee on the quad, and… crying in a closet at the library?

That’s what today’s students are doing—at the University of Utah, at least.

The “cry closet” is a pop-up room in the middle of the campus library that’s filled with stuffed animals for students who need some time to escape the stresses of collegiate life.

The closet was actually built by student Nemo Miller as an art project. The Daily Utah Chronicle has the details: 

Titled “A Safe Space for Stressed Out Students,” otherwise known as “The Cry Closet,” Miller’s work will go up on the first floor of the Marriott Library just in time for the finals week chaos. Miller is a graduating senior at the University of Utah’s ceramics program. While most of her art is made of clay, this piece is a little different.

“I am providing a space for students who are studying during finals week to go take a five to ten-minute break in a nice cushy … soft environment away from all the harsh lights of the library,” Miller said.

The project is essentially a small independently-standing closet. Inside, the walls are padded and lined with soft fabric. The floor is covered with piles of comforting stuffed animals. The door has two soft lights which can be turned on and off to adjust to each student’s individual comfort.