Three fraternities suspended at the University of Memphis

MEMPHIS, Tenn. – Two fraternities and a co-ed business fraternity have been suspended at the University of Memphis accused of hazing, drugs and alcohol use.

This now makes four fraternities suspended at the school. They all receive their suspensions because of alleged behavior during the fall 2017 semester.

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Pi Kappa Alpha, Sigma Alpha Epsilon and the Alpha Kappa Professional Co-ed Business Fraternity are now all suspended by the university.  

Justin Lawhead, the Dean of Students, is one of the man to make that call who said, “We have to hold students accountable for behavior that we can’t tolerate at the institution.” The fraternities violated a number policies including drugs, alcohol and hazing.  

“Hazing is not part of development and growth here. Hazing is not part of the student experience here, so it’s simply not going to happen at the university,” Lawhead said. There are 11 fraternity chapters associated with UofM.  

Three of them, plus the business frat are now suspended. The first was Alpha Tau Omega, which got suspended for hazing last year.  

We asked Lawhead if there is an issue with fraternities on the campus. He responded by saying, “I think there’s an opportunity for these fraternities to understand what the rules are and how they should follow them.”  

22-year-old Junior, Jeremy McNeal said he doesn’t see this type of behavior anywhere else on campus.

PIKE does not have a house on or near campus.  

We stopped by their Memphis headquarters on Tuesday and was told no one was available to talk.  

They sent us a statement later in the day saying the suspension means the fraternity can’t operate under their name or symbols.  

The suspensions differ among fraternities but last anywhere from August of this year to the end of 2022.  

SAE will be on probation for 12 years, if they get reinstated.  

Details of the hazing allegations were not offered up when I asked.  

Lawhead only said the punishment fit the crime. Lawhead said the fraternities must go through training and come up organization and hazing prevention plans.