Three hour standoff ends in arrest near Campbellsville University

CAMPBELLSVILLE, Ky (WBKO) — A near three-hour standoff between police and a male suspect at a home near Campbellsville University ended in an arrest.

The suspect who was armed with a handgun has been identified as 78-year-old Elwin Hardin.

Kentucky State Police, the Taylor County Sheriff’s Office, and the Campbellsville Police Department responded to reports of Hardin making several threats involving a weapon.

“The individual we were looking for was indeed inside the residence,” said KSP Trooper Billy Gregory. “He was extremely intoxicated and somewhat unresponsive, but we were able to maintain contact throughout the last two hours,”

Many neighbors knew Hardin.

“I mowed the yard for [Hardin] and the next thing I know I look out here and there’s cops,” said Terry Knopp, a neighbor. “I had no idea what was going on,”

After arriving, police discovered that the male was intoxicated and not responding to officer’s requests.

“At approximately 6:30, he exited the residence and was taken into custody by KSP personnel,” said Gregory.

Police say no shots were fired other than when the man was tased after exiting the home.

“I could hear them talking to him on the loudspeaker and he didn’t come out,” said Knopp. “Finally he opened the door and came out and they took him down,”

“[Hardin] laid down on the front porch, they handcuffed him, waited for an ambulance to arrive and check him out and that was it,” recalled BJ Lackey, who saw Hardin tased.

Terry Knopp has lived across the street for several years, he saw the entire situation unfold.

“That one [officer] came up and said what was going on, and I said I just mowed his yard two hours ago, he might’ve looked like he was a little tipsy or something but that’s it,” Knopp said. “I didn’t see any other problems, and then all of it came down and I sat here and watch it,”

Hardin was taken into custody but is not facing felony charges.