Three new movies opening in Seattle this weekend

Atomic Blonde, The Emoji Movie and Landline are now playing in Seattle.

SEATTLE – Three new movies opening in Seattle this weekend cover blockbuster, indie and child audiences.

In what’s arguably the most stylish action movie of the summer, Charlize Theron lights up the screen in Atomic Blonde. She plays a government agent unraveling a mystery during the fall of the Berlin Wall.

“She’s just as good as a man, you can take this story and you can flip it, and it works exactly the same way,” Theron said. “And that strength is something that I’m really proud of.”

Atomic Blonde is rated R and is playing everywhere.

Landline, a more indie offering from Amazon Studios, is playing at AMC Seattle 10 and SIFF Cinema Uptown.

The movie is based on the real-life divorce of director Gillian Robespierre’s parents. 

“We wanted to depict the experience of divorce in sort of a different light,” she said. “So instead of the family being torn apart through the experience, they grow closer together.”

The subject matter was personally challenging for star Jenny Slate.

“When we were making this movie, it was kind of a harder time for me because I was getting divorced. So it was like, ‘whoa.’ To make a movie about divorce while you’re getting divorced, you’re coming in real hot to that one,” she said. “I hope people feel invigorated to make decisions for themselves so they can have a happy life.”

Her honesty and humor help make Landline a memorable summer film. It’s rated R.

For kids, there’s a new animated movie featuring everyone’s favorite new communication tool.

The Emoji Movie has an all-star cast, including Edmonds native Anna Faris.

But perhaps the most comical piece of casting goes to Sir Patrick Stewart as the voice of the Poop Emoji.

“His ranking in terms of other emojis is probably quite modest, but in terms of public ranking he’s number two,” Stewart said, laughing.

The Emoji Movie is rated PG.


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