Transformers Characters We Want to See in Future Films

here's 10 Transformers characters we want in future films. Which of the the Transformers characters are your favorites?

As The Last Knight hits theaters, here’s some Transformers characters who should appear in future films!

This weekend, Michael Bay is closing out his decade with the “Robots in Disguise” with Transformers: The Last Knight. Whether you love or hate the Transformers films, Bay has unquestionably revitalized the popular Hasbro toyline into an even bigger franchise than it was before. Bay’s departure doesn’t mean that the films are ending. If anything, we’re going to even more Transformers than ever before. There’s a Transformers Cinematic Universe on the horizon, with a Bumblebee spinoff movie coming relatively soon.

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But what’s next after that? Through the first five films in the Paramount Pictures series, only a handful of transformers have made it to the big screen. That means there’s a lot of great Transformers characters who haven’t yet had their chance in the spotlight. And the only way that this cinematic universe is going to fare any better than Universal Pictures‘ Dark Universe is if it gives fans the heroes and villains that they can really care about, instead of simply rehashing the same robot battles we’ve been watching since 2007.

Make no mistake: the Transformers comics, animated series, novels, and even video games have laid out a lot of rich storytelling possibilities. With the right characters and better stories, there’s no reason that this cinematic universe can’t work. Towards that end, has put together a list of the ten Transformers characters that we want to see in the future movies. But if you have picks of your own, feel free to Transform and roll out before sharing your thoughts in the comment section below!

Ultra Magnus

Ultra Magnus 1 is one of our favorite Transformers characters

Transformers: The Last Knight is introducing Hot Rod to the live-action series, but there’s at least one more major Generation 1 character who has yet to make his debut in the films: Ultra Magnus. The fact that Ultra Magnus was Optimus Prime’s first choice to replace him says everything about who he is as a leader and a fighter. It’s actually somewhat surprising that Ultra Magnus hasn’t appeared in the films yet, since he’s such a natural second-in-command to Prime.

The various incarnations of Ultra Magnus in the comics and the animated series have suggested different origins for him. But the one we like the most is from the DreamWave comics, which depicted Ultra Magnus as Optimus Prime’s brother. That went a long way towards explaining why the Ultra Magnus toy had Optimus’ face underneath his outer shell! Assuming that Optimus makes it out of The Last Knight alive, it would be very interesting to see that dynamic play out on screen.

Dreamwave is another one of the great Transformers characters.

Omega Supreme

Our Transformers characters list continues with Omega Supreme 2

Omega Supreme is one of the most powerful Autobots in the G1 era, which may account for his absence in the films to date. But as the Transformers films expand, there could be a need for an Autobot who can become a mobile base and provide a rocket for interstellar travel. Omega Supreme’s personality has never been very well defined, but that never stopped Michael Bay from throwing any of the other characters onscreen. It probably won’t’ stop his successors from doing the same thing. But we definitely see a lot of potential for Omega Supreme on the big screen, even if just for his visual aesthetic.


Astrotrain is another one of the best Transformers characters.

If the Autobots head into space then the Decepticons need a shuttle of their own. Enter Astrotrain, one of the few triple changers from the G1 era. Turning into a train isn’t the most useful transformation, but the ability to become an intergalactic vessel is definitely a game changer. We wouldn’t mind seeing Blitzwing and Springer bring the triple changer action to the films as well, but Astrotrain is our top choice among those three.


Blackarachnia is one of the Transformers characters we'd like to see in future films.

The Transformers movies have a pretty severe lack of female characters, human or otherwise. Blackarachnia isn’t a part of the G1 continuity, but she brings something very important to the table: a redemption arc. In the Beast Wars TV series, Blackarachnia was reprogrammed for evil before she was awakened in the distant past alongside her fellow transformers. But over the course of the series, she slowly reformed and even found love with the Maximal known as Silverbolt. Blackarachnia could become the Black Widow of the Transformers films, and that would be very interesting to see.


One of the Transformers characters that could appear on the big screen one day is Cyclonus.

Most of the Decepticons in the Transformers movies don’t have very well defined or even compelling personalities. Cyclonus could change that because he’s the rare Decepticon that actually has a code of honor and a sense of loyalty. In the G1 era, Cyclonus could have (and probably should have) turned on Galvatron at several different occasions. Instead, he stood by his leader to the bitter end. Cyclonus is a true believer in the Decepticon cause, and he could be a very refreshing change from the one-note villains of this cinematic franchise. Just a touch of complexity goes a long way.

The Aerialbots

Aerialbots are among the Transformers characters we'd like to see on the big screen.

Given the number of Decepticons who can turn into jets and planes, it’s surprising that Michael Bay hasn’t previously introduced the Aerialbots, the group of Autobots who could bring the action to the skies. Silverbolt, Air Raid, Fireflight, Skydive, Slingshot, and Alpha Bravo also have the ability to combine into Superion, one of the few giant Autobots. Considering the way that the films have decimated the ranks of the Autobots, the Aerialbots are badly needed at this point.


Metroplex is one of the Transformers characters we want to see on the big screen.

Most of the Transformers change into vehicles to blend into their surroundings. But not Metroplex. He transforms into an entire city, and he’s by far the largest Autobot in the franchise. If he exists in the Transformers Cinematic Universe, then Metroplex may not be on Earth. But if he were to appear in future films, he could double as the Autobot base (Autobot City) and as their absolute last line of defense. What Metroplex lacks in personality, he makes up for in scale. Just think about the battles we could see onscreen, especially if he fights someone his own size.


Trypticon is another of the best Transformers characters.

Speaking of someone the size of Metroplex, we have to advocate for Trypticon’s inclusion as well. He is the Decepticons’ answer to Metroplex, who serves as a mobile base/city and transforms into a giant Tyrannosaurus Rex. And really, there’s nothing we want to see more than Metroplex and Trypticon tearing into each other at sizes that make the other transformers look like toys in comparison. This is the giant robot fight we’ve been waiting to see since the series began, and it’s long overdue.


Windblade is another one of the best Transformers characters.

If Arcee hadn’t already appeared in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen then she would have been on this list. And since Arcee was also unceremoniously killed off between Dark of the Moon and Age of Extinction, the franchise could badly use another female Transformer. That’s where Windblade comes in. Windblade a more recent addition to the mythos (having first debuted in the IDW comics), but she’s an excellent fighter and she has a natural connection to Metroplex. She’s known as a “Cityspeaker” for her ability to communicate with the transformers known as Metrotitans.

Windblade is also one of the few transformers to headline her own comic book series, and her character has evolved into a complex heroine who is willing to make sacrifices for the greater good. She could potentially be a leading character in the cinematic realm as well, if she’s given the chance.


Unicron 1 is among the most popular Transformers characters.

Unicron was introduced in the very first Transformers animated movie over 30 years ago, and he still hasn’t been used in the live-action films. There are rumors that Unicron could factor into The Last Knight, but that hasn’t been confirmed yet. However, Unicron deserves a major spotlight in the Transformers Cinematic Universe simply because he is the ultimate threat to both the Autobots and the Decepticons.

Unicron 2 is another one of the key Transformers characters.

The largest Autobots and Decepticons can become cities, but Unicron is a transformer who can become bigger than a planet. In fact, Unicron eats planets for energy, which essentially makes him the Galactus of the Transformers franchise. If the movies treat Unicron with the respect that he deserves, then he could bring an even larger epic scale to the films that we’ve seen before. It would force future Transformers directors to up their game to deliver a story worthy of this villain, and that’s something we’d definitely pay to see.

First up, though, is Transformers: The Last Knight, which stars Mark Wahlberg, Sir Anthony Hopkins, Laura HaddockJosh Duhamel, Stanley Tucci, Jerrod Carmichael and Isabela Moner. Catch it in 2D, 3D and IMAX 3D theaters this weekend!

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