Trending: BYU to start selling caffeinated soda; Chili’s takes questions about health care

Brigham Young University gets lit about caffeine on campus.

@cougarfandave, tweeting about the announcement Thursday that Mormon school Brigham Young University will now sell caffeinated soda on campus after a decades-long policy against such soft drinks. Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints do not consume alcohol and “hot drinks,” like coffee and tea. Meanwhile, the BYU football team is 1-3.

Chili’s can answer questions sometimes.

@Chilis, giving a surprisingly cogent explanation of deductibles in health care plans via Twitter. @subtlerbutler randomly tweeted at the restaurant chain Wednesday, asking if it could answer his question about deductibles. Here’s how the conversation got started:

Would you buy a dad bod fanny pack?

@fred_dog, reacting to the Dadbag, a fanny pack that looks like the hairy stomach of a “dad bod.” The concept was created by Albert Pukies, an art director in London. If getting a dad bod with none of the work sounds like your thing, unfortunately they are not for sale yet. Pukies told he’s looking for a manufacturer.

Donald Trump thinks Nambia is a country.

“By tomorrow, Kellyanne Conway will insist “Nambia” is real. By November it will be in Texas social studies textbooks.”

@JuliusGoat, reacting after President Trump mispronounced the name of the African nation Namibia while speaking to African leaders Wednesday evening. He called it “Nambia,” which does not exist.

TBH is bringing niceness to anonymous feedback apps.

@tall_sean22, tweeting about TBH (short for to be honest), the latest app to become popular with high schoolers.  It’s the No. 1 free download in the Apple app store. Unlike other anonymous-feedback apps, like Sarahah, TBH only lets users send each other compliments.


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