Trump nominates author of Bush-era ‘torture memos,’ attorney in Trump University case to federal jobs

President Trump announced the nominations of several executive branch positions Monday night, including the author of Bush-era interrogation memoranda and a Florida attorney in the Trump University case.

Steven Bradbury has been tapped to be the Department of Transportation’s general counsel. Bradbury previously served in President George W. Bush’s Justice Department where he wrote several documents on “enhanced interrogation techniques” also known as torture. Several Democratic senators later opposed his appointment for assistant attorney general for Office of Legal Counsel for DOJ.

Carlos Muniz, a lawyer involved in Florida’s decision not to pursue a case against Trump University, has been nominated as general counsel at the Department of Education. Muniz, as Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi’s chief of staff for three years, defended the office’s decision not to investigate students’ claims of fraud against Trump University.

Both nominees will have to be confirmed by the Senate.