Turbulence injured 10 people on United Airlines flight 1031

United Airlines Houston Boeing 737
Airlines Boeing 737 jets in Houston.


Nine passengers and one member of the crew was injured by
turbulence on board a United Airlines flight on Tuesday. 

United Flight 1031 was en route from Panama City, Panama to
Houston, Texas, when the Boeing 737-800 experienced severe
turbulence 80 miles east of Cancun, Mexico, a Federal Aviation
Administration spokesperson told Reuters

The aircraft landed in Houston, Texas just before 1:40 pm local
time where it was met by paramedics. The injured passengers have
been transported to the hospital for evaluation. 

Their current conditions are unknown. 

In a statement to Business Insider, United Airlines wrote:

“United flight 1031 experienced turbulence while en route
from Panama City, Panama to Houston. Paramedics met the aircraft
to provide medical care and initial reports are that nine
customers and one crew member were transported to the hospital
for evaluation. Our thoughts and concerns are with those who were
injured and our team is reaching out directly to our customers to
provide further care and support.”

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