Twitter worker who banned Donald Trump’s account unmasked as former Birmingham University student

The mystery rogue Twitter worker who silenced Donald Trump’s account earlier this month has been revealed as a German citizen who attended Birmingham University. 

For 11 minutes on the evening on November 2, the US president’s account was suspended – sparking hysteria across the social network. Twitter restored the account and launched an investigation, claiming that an employee that no longer worked for the company was responsible, but failed to name who the culprit was.

The brief ban appears to have been the work of German born Bahtiyar Duysak, who has gone public in an interview with TechCrunch.

Mr Duysak, who graduated from Birmingham University in 2015 with a masters in banking, claims that he is responsible for briefly censoring Mr Trump during last moments working as a contractor in Twitter’s Silicon Valley headquarters. 

A customer support assistant in the Trust and Safety division, he was due to return to Germany the next day.  This team receives alerts when users flag bad behaviour on the site, including harassment, fake accounts or inappropriate comments. The team is in charge of deciding which complaints should be upheld and when accounts should be shut down either temporarily or permanently.