U.S. vs. Mexico live updates from Estadio Azteca: Mexico responds and ties it 1-1

At the raucous tailgate party outside of Estadio Azteca, there were icy coolers of beer, vendors grilling heaps of taco meat, and, this being Mexico, mariachis. 

The musicians sweated in their cowboy boots and elegant black suits, playing song after song for a dancing crowd. At one point, the singer led everyone in an improvised song. 

“We don’t want the wall,” they sang together.

Although fans had come to Mexico City’s fabled stadium to watch a World Cup qualifying soccer match against the United States, and not talk politics, President Trump was everywhere. 

His face was emblazoned on signs and T-shirts, sometimes along with a middle finger, and on giant posters that featured a slur sometimes directed at gay people. 

“I hate home. He’s trying to destroy my family,” said Agustin Sanchez, 60, who wore the Trump shirt with the middle finger. 

Sanchez lived in Sacramento for more than 30 years before he was deported to Mexico six years ago. He has multiple family members who serve in the U.S. military, and he worries they will be discriminated against because of their Mexican origins now that Trump is president. 

Sunday was about soccer, he insisted, but he wore the shirt to make a point. Trump has criticized Mexican immigrants as rapists and drug dealers, vowed to impose a border tax and make Mexico pay for construction of a border wall. 

“It’s time to fight back,” Sanchez said. 

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