UCLA students dissatisfied with the university’s response to Skirball fire

UCLA students are expressing their unhappiness with the way the university’s administration has handled communications about the Skirball fire at a time when students are preparing for final exams. 

The Undergraduate Students Assn. Council and Graduate Students Assn. started a petition that has been signed by more than 10,000 individuals and will be sent to administrators Thursday. 

Wednesday was “a day of great anxiety, tumult and stress for us all. Despite fearing for our safety, we were left in a state of constant limbo by the University, its staff and faculty,” the petition states. “Students were expected to decide between fulfilling academic and employment responsibilities and putting themselves in harms way — a decision no student should ever have to make.”

The petition argues that the university waited too long to cancel classes and called for administrators to review its emergency management procedures.