University details current and future construction projects | News

Texas A&M University-Commerce has undergone plenty of construction in recent years, and that fact is remaining unchanged in the near future.

An email sent by Derek Preas with the A&M-Commerce Department of Campus Operations and Safety gave a rundown of current and future university projects. One of the most recent projects is finally beginning to wind down according to the email.

The Phase III residence hall at A&M-Commerce was the subject of much attention this summer, as the completion date was pushed back further than expected. There were questions about whether the building would be ready in time for students to move in, but the building did open in time for move-in day in late August. According to Preas, some work is still necessary.

“Some of the larger items to be completed while the students are away [during winter break] include replacing the outside siding on two of the five white wings, replacing a section of carpet in the zero level, repairing some concrete walkways, replacing the interior drywall at stairwell with a glass enclosed stairwell.”

Phase III is a freshman-only residence hall with the ability to house up to 490 students.

The Nursing and Health Sciences building has been under construction since March of this year and is planned to open for the Spring 2019 semester. The email detailed that delays have occurred due to “weather or unforeseen circumstances,” but that the building is “still on plan.” The start of construction was delayed two months from its original start date.

Large amounts of work are expected at the McDowell Administration Building in the coming months. Fences and equipment have been placed on the north side of the building. 

“First, the cooling and heating pipes under the building will be replaced,” Preas said. “This work will continue through December with digging and pipe laying outside of the North and East ends of the building. During the Winter shutdown, parts of the building will be without some heating and cooling as the contractors finish the work to bring the system up.”

Preas also said in the email that there are plans to replace the building’s air handling units in February and March. Preas also said that this project would be more noticeable to people inside the building, but that most of the demolition and installation work will occur overnight to limit the disruption to classes and offices. 

In addition, the email states that work on renovation of the two bridges leading into the second floor will be done.

In addition, the Halladay Student Services building will have a new air conditioning system installed over winter break, and construction is scheduled to begin soon on new tennis courts near the Cain Sports Complex.

Preas ended the email by saying that A&M-Commerce would be embarking on an energy conservation plan. 

“The most obvious construction will include replacing most of the interior lighting throughout the campus with energy efficient LED lights,” Preas said. “Other measures include;  a new energy management system for controlling the heat and air in buildings served by the central plant, energy efficient thermostats at many of the RLL facilities, installation of solar window film in some buildings, and new energy management meters.”