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University dispute over football foul continues

A dispute between 2 Japanese universities is continuing over a serious foul committed during an American football match.

Kwansei Gakuin University’s team says Nihon University has failed to sincerely respond to its inquiry over a dangerous foul in the game, which took place last week.

Kwansei Gakuin held a news conference on Thursday in response to a letter it received 2 days ago from Nihon University. Kwansei initially sent a letter of protest to Nihon University a week ago.

During the game on May 6th, a Nihon University defender tackled a Kwansei Gakuin quarterback from behind after he had made a pass. The quarterback suffered knee and other injuries.

In protest, Kwansei Gakuin condemned the tackle as an extremely dangerous and malicious act.

In its reply, Nihon University said head coach Masato Uchida has never instructed his players to deliberately commit fouls. The university suggested the incident resulted from the player’s lack of understanding of the coach’s teaching.

Kwansei Gakuin’s team director Hiromu Ono said Nihon University’s explanation fails to dispel suspicions that Nihon University’s head coach might have condoned such foul play. Ono said his team is waiting for another response that Nihon University said it will issue in a week or so.

The injured player and his family were reportedly considering filing a criminal complaint against Nihon University, but will decide after seeing its second reply.