University of Florida staring at another Title IX investigation related to Antonio Callaway case

The University of Florida is facing a second Title IX investigation opened by the federal government. This one centers around the school’s handling of the Antonio Callaway case, but it seems to be coming from the star receiver and his legal counsel.

The Tampa Bay Times obtained a letter sent from the government to UF on July 28 that reiterates some issues that Callaway’s attorney, Huntley Johnson, had about how the school dealt with the case.

The contention made is that UF’s then-associate dean, Chris Loschiavo, had improper communication and an “improper work relationship” with the woman’s attorney.

The letter pointed out some conflicts of interest stemming from Loschiavo being “the investigator, the prosecutor and the judge” in the case and that he did work for an outside firm with connections to the complainant’s attorney.

The university did, in fact, fire Loschiavo in August of last year after concluding that he had “both a conflict of interest and a lack of independence.”

A complaint from the woman who accused Callaway of sexual assault is already in the process of being looked at by the U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights.

In a counter-claim, Callaway alleged that he was the victim of sexual assault because he was high on marijuana and incapable of consent. Also in that filing, UF’s investigative timeframes are put into question as being too vague.

The case stems from a sexual encounter at Callaway’s Gainesville residence in December 2015. While the woman’s complaint was being investigated, Callway was suspended by UF and eventually missed all of spring practice in 2016.

However, Callaway was reinstated for the start of the regular season after a hearing determined that he wasn’t responsible for any wrongdoing.