University of Memphis Students Protest Use of Racial Slur by Fraternity Member

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Students at the University of Memphis participated in a silent protest Monday in response to a member of a campus fraternity allegedly using a racial slur at a fundraiser last week.

At the sorority Pi Beta Phi’s annual karaoke night, a member of Sigma Phi Epsilon was said to have used the n-word during his performance, upsetting members of the audience.

Close to 50 students gathered in the University Center Monday morning, silently holding posters that read phrases like, “I’m not your nigga” and “you can’t say the n-word.”

The fraternity released a statement via Twitter saying that though the racial slur was a part of the original song lyrics, the member was immediately suspended, as the “use of offensive and hurtful language does not align with the values of Sigma Phi Epsilon.”

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“Sigma Epsilon holds our members to high standards of behavior towards others, our fellow students, and community,” the statement reads. “When student members do not uphold those standards we are prepared to hold them accountable. The chapter is fully cooperating with the university administration in its

investigation of this event.

“Our members look forward to continuing to contribute to a diverse and inclusive community at the University of Memphis.”

The university also released a statement in response to the incident.

“Racism and bigotry will not be tolerated,” the university said in their statement. “All allegations are currently being thoroughly investigated, and if found to be accurate, immediate steps will be taken to address the behavior with the individual, local chapter and national organization. The University of Memphis takes seriously all such behavior and has the strongest of commitments to continuing efforts to educate our campus community.”