University of Virginia president condemns unite the right march

unite the right preview march
march on the University of Virginia campus.

Screenshot via Twitter

University of Virginia president Teresa A. Sullivan condemned
demonstrators who participated in a white-nationalist march on
the campus Friday night. The march was a preview of a larger
planned white-nationalist event called “Unite the Right”
scheduled for Saturday.

Sullivan said she was “deeply saddened and disturbed by the
hateful behavior” displayed at the planned event.

“I strongly condemn the unprovoked assault on members of our
community, including University personnel who were attempting to
maintain order,”
Sullivan’s statement read
. Sullivan called the “violence”
displayed during the march on “intolerable” and “entirely
inconsistent with the University’s values.”

Marchers held lighted tiki torches as they walked the campus
grounds in Charlottesville, Virginia, on Friday, chanting slogans
like “white lives matter,” “you will not replace us,” and the
Nazi rallying call, “blood and soil.” Some apparent altercations
erupted during the march, as captured on live-streamed
. Counter-protesters could be heard on video shouting
“black lives matter.”

Watch the footage below: