University teachers protest delay in declaring results

Mumbai: Members of the Bombay University and College Teachers’ Union (BUCTU) held a signature campaign at the Fort campus on Tuesday, opposing what they called an abnormal delay in declaration of results. The university has failed to meet the August 5 deadline set by the Governor.

“The purpose of the campaign is not to achieve anything. It is rather to highlight the agony of students who are facing serious damage to their opportunities and further studies,” said Tapati Mukhopadhyay, president of Maharashtra Federation of University and College Teachers’ Organisation.

Two banners with signatures of hundreds of students and teachers will be submitted to the Chancellor and Governor Ch. Vidyasagar Rao in the next two days.

Teachers also complained of harassment. “First of all, teachers have not been properly trained for online assessment. On many occasions, they have lost precious time waiting for answer sheets to get uploaded. And now, the quality has come into question as just marking and declaring results is not assessment,” said another teacher.

Ms. Mukhopadhyay said this ‘man-made’ situation has disrupted the academic calender for 2017-18, and tarnished the image of the 160-year-old institution.

Members of several students’ organisations participated in the campaign.

Till Tuesday, the university has declared results of 294 of the 477 examinations conducted. Meanwhile, 19,347 answer sheets were evaluated on Tuesday. A total of 1,082 teachers were involved in the exercise. Another 2,02,474 papers remain to be assessed.

Confidential mark sheets have been given to more than 60 students applying for further studies in other States and abroad.