Watch: Spanish university develops humanoid ironing robot

June 23 (UPI) — Researchers at a university in Spain have developed a humanoid robot programmed to iron clothes.

The TEO robot, developed at Carlos III University of Madrid, uses a camera embedded in its head to render a hi-resolution 3D image of the ironing board and the piece of clothing to iron out the wrinkles.

“TEO is built to do what humans do as humans do it,” member of the development team, Juan Victores told the New Scientist.

Victores and the rest of the team at Carlos III University developed an algorithm, CNET reported that allows the robot to identify wrinkles and apply the appropriate amount of pressure on the various creases.

Once the wrinkles have been identified, TEO lowers its arm to place the iron on the garment and “iteratively reduce the wrinkliness,” according to the developers.

TEO is also capable of climbing stairs and opening doors, leading Victores to think the nearly 6-foot robot will become a fixture in households one day.

“We will have robots like TEO in our homes. It’s just a matter of who does it first,” he said.