Week 6 AP college football poll: Bill Landis ballot

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Washington State is officially in the College Football Playoff hunt, and two new names enter the top-25 in cleveland.com writer Bill Landis’ ballot for the Associated Press college football poll.

Here are a few thoughts on this week’s ballot:

* Alabama remains No. 1, but I finally moved Clemson up to No. 2 after another impressive win, this one at Virginia Tech. I still think Oklahoma has the country’s best win at Ohio State, but Clemson’s resume overall is better and worthy of No. 1 consideration alongside the Crimson Tide.

* Previously mentioned Washington State made a big jump up into my top-10 after beating USC on Friday night. And Washington, a team I’ve had ranked lower than just about everyone else voting in this poll, cracks the top-10 this week. I still have questions about a team whose best win is against Colorado and otherwise hasn’t been tested.

* Three new teams in the top-15 for me this week: Central Florida, Louisville and Oregon. UCF might actually be the best Group of Five team after thoroughly beating Memphis this week.

The full AP college football poll will come out at 2 p.m. My full ballot this week is below:

1. Alabama (5-0)

2. Clemson (5-0)

3. Oklahoma (4-0)

4. Georgia (5-0)

5. Penn State (5-0)

6. Michigan (4-0)

7. Washington State (5-0)

8. TCU (4-0)

9. Ohio State (4-1)

10. Washington (5-0)

11. Wisconsin (5-0)

12. Miami (3-0)

13. USC (4-1)

14. Auburn (4-1)

15. Notre Dame (4-1)

16. Virginia Tech (4-1)

17. Oklahoma State (4-1)

18. Utah (4-0)

19. San Diego State (5-0)

20. Florida (3-1)

21. Central Florida (3-0)

22. West Virginia (3-1)

23. NC State (4-1)

24. Louisville (4-1)

25. South Florida (5-0)